Dysregulated Pathway Identification Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘DysPIA’ version 1.3

Help Pages

calcDyspiaStat calcDyspiaStat: Calculates DysPIA statistics
calcDyspiaStatCumulative Calculates DysPIA statistic values for all the prefixes of a gene pair set
calcDyspiaStatCumulativeBatch Calculates DysPIA statistic values for the gene pair sets
calEdgeCorScore_ESEA calEdgeCorScore_ESE
class.labels_p53 Example vector of category labels.
DysGPS DysGPS: Calculates Dysregulated gene pair score (DysGPS) for each gene pair
DysGPS_p53 Example vector of DysGPS in p53 data.
DysPIA DysPIA: Dysregulated Pathway Identification Analysis
DyspiaRes_p53 Example list of DysPIA result in p53 data.
DyspiaSig DyspiaSig
DyspiaSimpleImpl DyspiaSimpleImpl
gene_expression_p53 Example matrix of gene expression value.
sample_background Example list of gene pair background.