Interface to 'AppEEARS' NASA Web Services

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Documentation for package ‘appeears’ version 1.1

Help Pages

rs_build_task Build a task request
rs_bundle AppEEARS list of bundled files to download
rs_delete Delete AppEEARS task from queue
rs_get_key Retrieve NASA Earth Data password
rs_layers AppEEARS dataset layers
rs_list_task AppEEARS list of tasks and status
rs_login Checks AppEEARS login
rs_logout Invalidates an AppEEARS bearer token
rs_products AppEEARS dataset list
rs_quality List or translate AppEEARS quality metrics
rs_request AppEEARS data request and download
rs_request_batch AppEEARS data request and download
rs_set_key Set NASA Earth Data password
rs_transfer AppEEARS data transfer function