Tools for Assessing Clustering

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Documentation for package ‘ClustAssess’ version 0.3.0

Help Pages

consensus_cluster Consensus Clustering and Proportion of Ambiguously Clustered Pairs
element_agreement Element-Wise Average Agreement Between a Set of Clusterings
element_consistency Element-Wise Consistency Between a Set of Clusterings
element_sim The Element-Centric Clustering Similarity
element_sim_elscore The Element-Centric Clustering Similarity for each Element
element_sim_matrix Pairwise Comparison of Clusterings
get_clustering_difference Graph Clustering Method Stability
get_feature_stability Evaluate Feature Set Stability
get_nn_conn_comps Relationship Between Nearest Neighbors and Connected Components
get_nn_importance Assess Graph Building Parameters
get_resolution_importance Evaluate Stability Across Resolution, Number of Neighbors, and Graph Type
marker_overlap Cell-Wise Marker Gene Overlap
merge_partitions Merge Partitions
pac_convergence PAC Convergence Plot
pac_landscape PAC Landscape Plot
plot_clustering_difference_boxplot Clustering Method Stability Boxplot
plot_clustering_difference_facet Clustering Method Stability Facet Plot
plot_connected_comps_evolution Relationship Between Number of Nearest Neighbors and Graph Connectivity
plot_feature_stability_boxplot Feature Stability Boxplot
plot_feature_stability_ecs_facet Feature Stability - EC Consistency Facet Plot
plot_feature_stability_ecs_incremental Feature Stability Incremental Boxplot
plot_feature_stability_mb_facet Feature Stability - Cluster Membership Facet Plot
plot_k_n_partitions Relationship Between the Number of Clusters and the Number of Unique Partitions
plot_k_resolution_corresp Correspondence Between Resolution and the Number of Clusters
plot_n_neigh_ecs Graph construction parameters - ECC facet
plot_n_neigh_k_correspondence Relationship Between Number of Nearest Neighbors and Number of Clusters