Tools for Assessing Clustering

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Documentation for package ‘ClustAssess’ version 0.1.1

Help Pages

Clustering The Clustering Class
Clustering-class The Clustering Class
consensus_cluster Consensus Clustering and Proportion of Ambiguously Clustered Pairs
create_clustering Create Clustering Object
create_clustering-method Create Clustering Object
element_agreement Element-Wise Average Agreement Between a Set of Clusterings
element_frustration Element-Wise Frustration Between a Set of Clusterings
element_sim The Element-Centric Clustering Similarity
element_sim_elscore The Element-Centric Clustering Similarity for each Element
element_sim_matrix Pairwise Comparison of Clusterings
length-method Length of an Object
marker_overlap Cell-wise marker gene overlap
pac_convergence PAC Convergence Plot
pac_landscape PAC Landscape Plot
print-method Print an Object