Basic S4 Classes and Methods for Mapping Between Numeric Values and Colors

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Documentation for package ‘colorplane’ version 0.5.0

Help Pages

alpha_channel alpha_channel
alpha_channel-method alpha_channel
as_hexcol convert to hex colors
as_hexcol-method convert to hex colors
as_rgb convert to rgb colors
as_rgb-method convert to rgb colors
blend_colors blend two color planes
blend_colors-method blend two color planes
col2hex convert color name to hex character string
ColorPlane-class ColorPlane
ColorScale-class ColorScale
ConstantColorPlane ConstantColorPlane
ConstantColorPlane-class ConstantColorPlane
DiscreteColorPlane DiscreteColorPlane
DiscreteColorPlane-class DiscreteColorPlane
get_color get_color
HexColorPlane HexColorPlane
HexColorPlane-class HexColorPlane
IntensityColorPlane IntensityColorPlane
IntensityColorPlane-class IntensityColorPlane
map_colors map data values to a set of colors
map_colors-method map data values to a set of colors
rgb2hex convert rgb colors to hex colors
RGBColorPlane RGBColorPlane
RGBColorPlane-class RGBColorPlane