Statistical Tests for Evaluating Conformity to Benford's Law

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Documentation for package ‘BenfordTests’ version 1.2.0

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BenfordTests-package Statistical Tests for Benford's Law
BenfordTests Statistical Tests for Benford's Law
chisq.benftest Pearson's Chi-squared Goodness-of-Fit Test for Benford's Law
edist.benftest Euclidean Distance Test for Benford's Law
jointdigit.benftest A Hotelling _T-square_ Type Test for Benford's Law
jpsq.benftest Joenssen's _JP-square_ Test for Benford's Law
ks.benftest Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test for Benford's Law
mdist.benftest Chebyshev Distance Test (maximum norm) for Benford's Law
meandigit.benftest Judge-Schechter Mean Deviation Test for Benford's Law
pbenf Probability Mass Function for Benford's Distribution
qbenf Quantile Function for Benford's Distribution
rbenf Random Sample Satisfying Benford's Law
signifd First Digits Function
signifd.analysis Graphical Analysis of First Significant Digits
signifd.seq Sequence of Possible Leading Digits
simulateH0 Function for Simulating the H0-Distributions needed for BenfordTests
usq.benftest Freedman-Watson U-square Test for Benford's Law