Submitter and Monitor of the 'LSF Cluster'

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Documentation for package ‘bsub’ version 1.1.0

Help Pages

bconf Print current configuation
bjobs Summary of jobs
bjobs_barplot Barplot of number of jobs
bjobs_done Finished jobs
bjobs_exit Failed jobs
bjobs_pending Pending jobs
bjobs_running Running jobs
bjobs_timeline Timeline of jobs
bkill Kill jobs
brecent Recent jobs from all status
bsub_chunk Submit R code
bsub_cmd Submit shell commands
bsub_opt Parameters for bsub
bsub_script Submit R script
check_dump_files Check whether there are dump files
clear_temp_dir Clear temporary dir
get_dependency Get the dependency of current jobs
is_job_finished Test whether the jobs are finished
job_log Log for the running/finished/failed job
job_status_by_id Job status by id
job_status_by_name Job status by name
monitor A browser-based interactive job monitor
plot_dependency Plot the job dependency tree
print.bconf Print the configurations
print.bjobs Summary of jobs
random_job Submit a random job
retrieve_var Retrieve saved variable
run_cmd Run command on submission node
ssh_connect Connect to submisstion via ssh
ssh_disconnect Disconnect ssh connection
wait_jobs Wait until all jobs are finished