Examine Measurement Invariance via Equivalence Testing and Projection Method

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Documentation for package ‘equaltestMI’ version 0.6.1

Help Pages

eqMI.bootstrap Bootstrap procedure to test the equality of latent factor means using projection method
eqMI.covtest Test the equality of two covariance matrices in population
eqMI.main The main function to test measurement invariance
eqMI.ncp Obtain noncentrality parameter of a chisquare distribution
eqMI.projection Projection-based method for testing latent means equality
eqMI.RMSEA Obtain the RMSEA cutoff values for equivalence testing
eqMI.semtest Measurement invariance tests using lavaan
HolzingerSwineford Holzinger and Swineford (1939) cognitive tests data in 301 children from two schools
LeeAlOtaiba Lee and Al Otaiba (2015) early literacy skills in four socioeconomic groups