A Collection of Univariate Data Sets

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Documentation for package ‘DataSetsUni’ version 0.1

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DataSetsUni-package A collection of widely used univariate data sets

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data_acfailure The data set consists of the failure times of the air conditioning system of an airplane (in hours)
data_acfailureunit The unit interval data set consists of the failure times of the air conditioning system of an airplane (in hours)
data_actuarialm The mortality of retired people
data_acutebcancer The survival times of 73 patients with acute bone cancer
data_airborne Variations in airborne exposure on the concentration of urinary metabolites
data_airplanewin The data represents polished window strength
data_airpollution The data represents the daily ozone measurements in New York, May–September 1973
data_analgesic The relief times for patients receiving an analgesic
data_animals The data represents the survival time of animals
data_AnnualMaxT Annual maximum temperatures at Oxford and Worthing
data_annualyld The annual wheat yield data set consists of annual yield for the period from 1951 to 2010.
data_arthritis The data consists of 50 individuals with arthritis relief time
data_bank The data set waiting time of 100 bank customers
data_Bcancer The remission time of 128 bladder cancer patients
data_Bitcoin The data represent the Bitcoin exchange rates
data_blbearing A test on the endurance of deep groove ball bearings
data_bldercancer The remission times of 128 patients suffering from bladder cancer
data_bloodcancer The life time of 40 blood cancer (leukemia) patients
data_brcancer The data represents the 242 breast cancer patients
data_breakdown The breakdown times of electrical insulating fluid
data_breakdownt The times of breakdown of a sample of 25 devices
data_breastcan The data represents the survival times of 121 patients with breast cancer
data_breastcancer The data set consists of 300 lifetime of the breast cancer patients
data_carbonf The breaking stress of carbon fibers
data_carfibres The breaking stress of carbon fibres
data_chemotherapy Survival times of 46 patients given chemotherapy treatment
data_coalmin The data represents the intervals in days between 109 successive coal mining disasters
data_COVID19Chile The data represents the incidence rate per every 10,000 inhabitants affected by COVID-19, with and without symptoms
data_COVID19MH The mortality rate of the COVID-19 infected persons in Holland
data_COVIDChile The data represents the incidence rate per 10,000 inhabitants affected by the virus without symptoms during the second quarter of 2020
data_COVIDDeath Daily new deaths caused by COVID-19 in the UK
data_COVIDfat The daily fatality confirmed cases attributable to COVID-19
data_COVIDFrance The data set represents mortality rate due to COVID-19 from 3 November 2021 to 11 November 2021 in France
data_COVIDmor COVID-19 mortality rate of Saudi Arabia
data_dpatients The survival times of diabetes patients
data_drilling Drilling of holes having a diameter of 12mm and thickness of sheet 3.15mm
data_drillingh The dataset is based on 50 observations of holes having a diameter of 9mm
data_earthquakes The data set represents the time intervals of the successive earthquakes
data_electronicf Time to failure of an electronic component
data_Ethereumer The data set represent the Ethereum exchange rates
data_failureairc The successive failures of air conditioning systems of airplanes
data_failuretc The failure time of cutting layers machine
data_fatCOVID The data consists of COVID-19 falality rates of Saudi Arabia
data_flood Annual flood discharges (in units of 1000 cubic feet per second)
data_floodpeak This data set represents 72 excrescences of flood peaks
data_floodSus The maximum flood level for the Susquehanna River at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
data_floodtime Annual water level behind the high dam during the flood time
data_foodchain The dataset represents the food chain in the United Kingdom from 2000 to 2019
data_fracture The data represents the fracture toughness MPa m1/2 data from the material Alumina
data_glassf The data consists of 63 observations of strength of glass fibers
data_guineapigs The survival times of guinea pigs infected
data_hdneckcancer Survival time of patients diagnosed with Head and neck cancer
data_healthinsur The average annual percent change in private health insurance
data_hpatients The survival times of hypertension patients
data_ICU Times to each patient's third violation (V3) in ICU for varying periods
data_image The database extracted from an image of Foulum (Denmark)
data_increaserate The data set consists of natural increase rates for the period from 1951 to 2010
data_insuranceun The data set represents the unemployment claims from July 2008 to April
data_insurclaim The data represents the minimum insurance claim
data_insurun The data set represents the unemployment claims from July 2008 to April
data_Kevlar Time to failure of kevlar 49/epoxy strands tested at various stress levels
data_kidney The data set consists of times to infection of kidney dialysis patients in months
data_kidneyunit The unit intervel data set consists of times to infection of kidney dialysis patients in months
data_leaves The phosphorus concentration in the leaves
data_leukemia The survival times of 40 patients suffering from leukemia
data_Losses The losses due to wind catastrophes recorded in 1977
data_Milkp The overall yield production of 107 cows at first birth
data_morCOVID The data consists of COVID-19 fatality rates in Saudi Arabia
data_MorR COVID-19 mortality rates in Mexico
data_mortalityCan The data based on the mortality rates of COVID-19 in Canada
data_mortalityUK The mortality rate of COVID-19 patients in the United Kingdom
data_MPrecipitation Data consists of 30 observations of the March precipitation
data_Myelogenous Survival times of patients suffering from acute myelogenous
data_P3 computation time of P3 algorithms
data_permeability The data presents the permeability measured in millidarcies
data_petroleum The data set represents the petroleum rock samples from a petroleum reservoir
data_precipitation The annual maximum precipitation for one rain gauge
data_rainfall The data represents the ordered annual maximum antecedent rainfall claim
data_RateMor COVID-19 mortality rates in Somalia
data_reddit The data set consists of 150 observations and is related to the Reddit advertising
data_relieftime The relief times of patients receiving an analgesic
data_repairable The failures times of repairable items
data_RR The recovery rates of COVID-19 patients in Spain
data_runtimes The failure and run times from a sample of 30 devices
data_SC16 Computation time of SC16 algorithms
data_shocks The number of shocks before failure
data_skinfolds The data represents 102 male and 100 female athletes collected at the Australian Institute of Sports
data_streamflow The data set consists of stream flow amounts (1000 acre-feet) for 35 year
data_Stress Life testing of 40 items with change in stress
data_Taxes The monthly actual taxes revenue in Egypt
data_taxrevenue The data represents the taxes revenue
data_toysprice The data represents the prices of the 31 different children’s wooden toys on sale in a Suffolk craft shop in April 1991
data_tstrength The tensile strength for single carbon fibres
data_vehicleinsur The complaints upheld against vehicle insurance firms
data_videotapes The measurements by the analysis of video tapes
data_vinyl The data represent vinyl chloride used for monitoring wells in mg/L
data_waitingtime Bank waiting times before the customers receive their services
data_wholesale The data set represents the food and drink wholesaling in the United Kingdom
data_windshieldf The failure times of 84 Aircraft Windshield
data_windshields The service times of 63 aircraft windshields