Bayesian Network Belief Propagation

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Documentation for package ‘BayesNetBP’ version 1.6.1

Help Pages

AbsorbEvidence Absorb evidence into the model
bn_to_graphNEL Convert a bn object to graphNEL object
chest A simulated data from the Chest Clinic example
ClusterTree-class An S4 class of the cluster tree.
ClusterTreeCompile Compile the cluster tree
ComputeKLDs Compute signed and symmetric Kullback-Leibler divergence
ElimTreeInitialize Initialize the elimination tree
emission A ClusterTree Example of Emission Model
emission1000 A simulated data from the Emission example
FactorQuery Queries of discrete variable distributions
GetValue Possible values of a discrete variable
Initializer Initialize a ClusterTree object
liver Mus Musculus HDL QTL data from Leduc et. al. (2012)
LocalModelCompile Model compilation
Marginals Obtain marginal distributions
PlotCGBN Plot the Bayesian network
PlotMarginals Plot the marginal distributions
PlotTree Plot the cluster tree
Propagate Propagate the cluster tree
qtlnet_to_graphNEL Convert qtlnet to graphNEL object
runBayesNetApp Launch the BayesNetBP Shiny App
Sampler Sampling from the Bayesian network
SummaryMarginals Summary a continuous marginal distribution
toytree A ClusterTree Example of Liver Model
yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae eQTL data from Kruglak et. al. (2005)