(Adaptive) Boosting Trees Algorithm

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Documentation for package ‘BT’ version 0.3

Help Pages

best_iter_cv Performance assessment.
best_iter_out_of_bag Performance assessment.
best_iter_validation Performance assessment.
BT (Adaptive) Boosting Trees (ABT/BT) Algorithm.
BT_call (Adaptive) Boosting Trees (ABT/BT) fit.
BT_callBoosting (Adaptive) Boosting Trees (ABT/BT) fit.
BT_callInit (Adaptive) Boosting Trees (ABT/BT) fit.
BT_cv_errors Cross-validation errors.
BT_devTweedie Deviance function for the Tweedie family.
BT_more Perform additionnal boosting.
BT_perf Performance assessment.
BT_relative_influence Method for estimating the relative influence.
predict.BTCVFit Predictions for CV fitted BT models.
predict.BTFit Predict method for BT Model fits.
print.BTFit Printing functions.
print_iters_and_dist Printing functions.
print_perf_measures Printing functions.
summary.BTFit Summary of a BTFit object.