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Documentation for package ‘academictwitteR’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

bind_tweet_jsons Bind tweets stored as JSON files
bind_user_jsons Bind user information stored as JSON files
build_query Build tweet query
build_user_query Build tweet query
get_all_tweets Get tweets from full archive search
get_bbox_tweets Get tweets within bounding box
get_country_tweets Get tweets with country parameter
get_geo_tweets Get tweets for query containing geo information
get_image_tweets Get tweets containing images
get_lang_tweets Get tweets in particular language
get_media_tweets Get tweets for query containing media
get_mentions_tweets Get tweets for query containing mentions of another user
get_place_tweets Get tweets with place parameter
get_radius_tweets Get tweets within radius buffer
get_retweets_of_user Get retweets of user
get_to_tweets Get tweets to users
get_url_tweets Get tweets containing URL
get_user_profile Get user profile
get_user_tweets Get tweets from user
get_video_tweets Get tweets for query containing videos
resume_collection Resume previous collection
update_collection Update previous collection session