Bayesian Gaussian Graphical Models

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Documentation for package ‘BGGM’ version 2.1.1

Help Pages

asd_ocd Data: Autism and Obssesive Compulsive Disorder
bfi Data: 25 Personality items representing 5 factors
bggm_missing GGM: Missing Data
coef.estimate Compute Regression Parameters for 'estimate' Objects
coef.explore Compute Regression Parameters for 'explore' Objects
confirm GGM: Confirmatory Hypothesis Testing
constrained_posterior Constrained Posterior Distribution
convergence MCMC Convergence
csws Data: Contingencies of Self-Worth Scale (CSWS)
depression_anxiety_t1 Data: Depression and Anxiety (Time 1)
depression_anxiety_t2 Data: Depression and Anxiety (Time 2)
estimate GGM: Estimation
explore GGM: Exploratory Hypothesis Testing
fisher_r_to_z Fisher Z Transformation
fisher_z_to_r Fisher Z Back Transformation
gen_net Simulate a Partial Correlation Matrix
gen_ordinal Generate Ordinal and Binary data
ggm_compare_confirm GGM Compare: Confirmatory Hypothesis Testing
ggm_compare_estimate GGM Compare: Estimate
ggm_compare_explore GGM Compare: Exploratory Hypothesis Testing
ggm_compare_ppc GGM Compare: Posterior Predictive Check
gss Data: 1994 General Social Survey
ifit Data: ifit Intensive Longitudinal Data
impute_data Obtain Imputed Datasets
iri Data: Interpersonal Reactivity Index (IRI)
map Maximum A Posteriori Precision Matrix
pcor_mat Extract the Partial Correlation Matrix
pcor_sum Partial Correlation Sum
pcor_to_cor Compute Correlations from the Partial Correlations
plot.confirm Plot 'confirm' objects
plot.ggm_compare_ppc Plot 'ggm_compare_ppc' Objects
plot.pcor_sum Plot 'pcor_sum' Object
plot.predictability Plot 'predictability' Objects
plot.roll_your_own Plot 'roll_your_own' Objects Network Plot for 'select' Objects
plot.summary.estimate Plot 'summary.estimate' Objects
plot.summary.explore Plot 'summary.explore' Objects
plot.summary.ggm_compare_estimate Plot 'summary.ggm_compare_estimate' Objects
plot.summary.ggm_compare_explore Plot 'summary.ggm_compare_explore' Objects Plot '' Objects
plot.summary.var_estimate Plot 'summary.var_estimate' Objects
plot_prior Plot: Prior Distribution
posterior_predict Posterior Predictive Distribution
posterior_samples Extract Posterior Samples
precision Precision Matrix Posterior Distribution
predict.estimate Model Predictions for 'estimate' Objects
predict.explore Model Predictions for 'explore' Objects
predict.var_estimate Model Predictions for 'var_estimate' Objects
predictability Predictability: Bayesian Variance Explained (R2)
predicted_probability Predicted Probabilities
print.BGGM Print method for 'BGGM' objects
prior_belief_ggm Prior Belief Gaussian Graphical Model
prior_belief_var Prior Belief Graphical VAR
ptsd Data: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
ptsd_cor1 Data: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Sample # 1)
ptsd_cor2 Data: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Sample # 2)
ptsd_cor3 Data: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Sample # 3)
ptsd_cor4 Data: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Sample # 4)
regression_summary Summarary Method for Multivariate or Univarate Regression
roll_your_own Compute Custom Network Statistics
rsa Data: Resilience Scale of Adults (RSA)
Sachs Data: Sachs Network
select S3 'select' method
select.estimate Graph Selection for 'estimate' Objects
select.explore Graph selection for 'explore' Objects
select.ggm_compare_estimate Graph Selection for 'ggm_compare_estimate' Objects
select.ggm_compare_explore Graph selection for 'ggm_compare_explore' Objects
select.var_estimate Graph Selection for 'var.estimate' Object
summary.coef Summarize 'coef' Objects
summary.estimate Summary method for 'estimate.default' objects
summary.explore Summary Method for 'explore.default' Objects
summary.ggm_compare_estimate Summary method for 'ggm_compare_estimate' objects
summary.ggm_compare_explore Summary Method for 'ggm_compare_explore' Objects
summary.predictability Summary Method for 'predictability' Objects Summary Method for 'select.explore' Objects
summary.var_estimate Summary Method for 'var_estimate' Objects
tas Data: Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS)
var_estimate VAR: Estimation
weighted_adj_mat Extract the Weighted Adjacency Matrix
women_math Data: Women and Mathematics
zero_order_cors Zero-Order Correlations