Analyses of Frequency Data

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Documentation for package ‘ANOFA’ version 0.1.3

Help Pages

anofa anofa: analysis of frequency data.
anofaES Computing effect size within the ANOFA.
anofaN2Power Computing power within the ANOFA.
anofaPlot anofaPlot.
anofaPower2N Computing power within the ANOFA.
CI.count anofaPlot.
contrastFrequencies contrastFrequencies: contrasts analysis of frequency data.
conversion Converting between formats
count anofaPlot.
Detergent Detergent data
emFrequencies emFrequencies: simple effect analysis of frequency data.
explain explain
Gillet1993 Gillet1993
GRF Generating random frequencies
has.cbind.terms logical functions for formulas
has.nested.terms logical functions for formulas
in.formula logical functions for formulas
init.count anofaPlot.
is.formula logical functions for formulas logical functions for formulas
LandisBarrettGalvin2013 LandisBarrettGalvin2013 data
LightMargolin1971 LightMargolin1971 data
minimalExample minimalExample
sub.formulas logical functions for formulas
summarize summarize
toCompiled Converting between formats
toLong Converting between formats
toRaw Converting between formats
toTabular Converting between formats
toWide Converting between formats