Adaptive Generalized PCA

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Documentation for package ‘adaptiveGPCA’ version 0.1.3

Help Pages

adaptiveGPCA-package adaptiveGPCA: A package for structured dimensionality reduction
adaptivegpca Adaptive gPCA
AntibioticPhyloseq Antibiotic time course experiment.
AntibioticSmall A subset of the antibiotic data
estimateComponents Estimate parameters in hierarchical model
gpca gPCA
gpcaFullFamily Make a sequence of ordinations
inspectTaxonomy Shiny gadget for tree/taxonomy inspection
plot.adaptivegpca Plot an adaptivegpca object
print.adaptivegpca Print an adaptivegpca object
processPhyloseq Make the input matrices for adaptive gPCA
varianceOnEvecs Variance along eigenvectors of Q
visualizeFullFamily Shiny gadget for adaptive gPCA