Function Collection Related to Plotting and Hydrology

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Documentation for package ‘berryFunctions’ version 1.22.5

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berryFunctions-package Berry's functions

-- A --

addAlpha Color transparency
addFade Color fade out
addRows Add n rows to a data.frame
almost.equal Vectorized testing for near-equality
anhang open the Appendix of Rclick
approx2 Smart linear NA interpolation
around View values around an index

-- B --

berryFunctions Berry's functions
betaPlot Beta density plot
betaPlotComp Compare beta distributions
between Are values between a and b?
bmap title

-- C --

catPal Categorical color palette
checkFile check file existence
ciBand polygon confidence bands
circle Draw circle with a given radius
classify Classification into groups
climateGraph climate graph after Walter and Lieth
colPoints Points colored relative to third dimension
colPointsHist Histogram for colPoints
colPointsLegend Legend for colPoints
combineFiles Combine Textfiles into one
compareDist compare distributions
compareFiles Compare textfiles for equality
convertUmlaut Convert German Umlaute to ASCII
createFun create function framework
createPres Create .Rnw presentation template

-- D --

dataStr str of datasets
distance Distance between points
divPal Diverging color palette
dupes Duplicate lines in file

-- E --

exp4p 4-parametric exponential function
expReg Exponential regression with plotting

-- F --

funnelPlot Funnel plots for proportional data
funSource Source code of a function

-- G --

getColumn get column from data.frame
getName get the name of an input in nested function calls
gof GOF measures
gofNA GOF measures
googleLink2pdf extract pdf link from google search result
groupHist Histogram for classes

-- H --

headtail head and tail
horizHist Horizontal histogram

-- I --

if.error expressions/values conditional on whether tested expression returns an error.
insertRows insert rows to data.frame
is.error Check if an expression returns an error

-- K --

kge GOF measures

-- L --

l2array Convert list of arrays to array
l2df List to data.frame
learnVocab spaced learning
legendmt legend with multiline title
library2 install.package and library
lim0 axis limits with one end at zero
linLogHist lin-log transition histogram
linLogTrans Animation for transition from linear to logarithmic axis
linReg linear regression with plotting
locArrow arrow at locator point in graph
locatorRS locator with immediate points in Rstudio
locLine abline at locator point in graph
logAxis Label logarithmic axes
logHist Histogram of logarithmic values
logSpaced Logarithmically spaced points
logVals Create log-axis values and labels
lsc Linear storage cascade, unit hydrograph
lsMem Show memory size of objects in MB

-- M --

monthAxis Label date axis
monthLabs Nicely spaced labels along a month
movAv Moving average
movAvLines Moving average with different window widths
mReg Multiple regression

-- N --

na9 Prepend spaces before na.strings
nameSample Nonrandom character sequence with sample
newFilename Create new filename if file already exists
normalizePathCP normalizePath Cross Platform
normPlot Normal density plot
normTest Test values for normality of distribution
nse GOF measures

-- O --

openFile open file in default application
openPDF open PDF file with sumatra viewer
owa Overwrite argument default lists

-- P --

packagePath Base path of package
panelDim Arrange panels in a multipanel plot (par mfrow)
parallelCode code chunk for parallelization
par_sapply cross-platform parallel processing with progbar
pdfpng Create pdf and png graph
popleaf create leaflet popup box info
pretty2 Truncated pretty breakpoints

-- Q --

quantileBands Quantile bands
quantileMean Average of R's quantile methods

-- R --

rainbow2 Rainbow from blue to red
removeSpace Remove white spaces from strings
require2 install.package and library
rescale shift and scale a vector
rmse GOF measures
round0 Round numbers with leading and trailing zeros
roundedRect Rectangles with rounded corners
rsquare GOF measures
runAxis Label axis with typical running times
runRversions Run code in several R versions
runTime runnning time conversion

-- S --

seasonality Seasonality analysis
seqPal Sequential color palette
seqR seq with a range argument
showPal show color palettes
smallPlot Inset small plot within figure
smoothLines draw smoothed lines
sortDF sort dataframes by column
spiralDate Spiral graph of time series
spiralDateAnim Animated spiral graph
sumatraInitialize Set useful Sumatra PDF Viewer default settings
superPos superposition of discharge, unit hydrograph

-- T --

tableColVal Table with values with value-dependent colored backgrounds in pdf
testExamples Test examples in a package
textField Write text to plot with halo underneath
TFtest Test logical expressions
timeAxis Label date axis
timer Timer alarm
tmessage messages with call trace
traceCall call stack of a function
truncMessage truncate message parts
tryStack try an expression, returning the error stack
tstop messages with call trace
twarning messages with call trace

-- U --

unitHydrograph Unit Hydrograph

-- W -- write table with different defaults

-- Y --

yearPlot annual plot
yearSample Nonrandom year with sample