Compositional Data Linear Models with Composition Redistribution

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Documentation for package ‘codaredistlm’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

append_ilr_coords Add ILR coordinates to a data.frame containing composition variables
check_input_args Sanity checks for arguments passed to predict_delta_comps()
check_strictly_positive_vals Check if compositional variable are strictly greater than 0
cols_exist Check whether columns exist in a data.frame
compare_two_lm Statistical test of the collective significance of the ilr variables
create_comparison_matrix Creates row-wise perturbations of compositions from the mean composition
create_v_mat Create ilr basis matrix (V)
extract_lm_quantities Extract critical quantities from a lm object (for confidence interval calculations)
fairclough Data from Fairclough (2017). Fitness, fatness and the reallocation of time between children's daily movement behaviours: an analysis of compositional data
fat_data Randomly generated data to simulate child fat percentage regressed on time-use compositional data
fit_lm fit linear model based on input data.frame
is_deltacomp_obj Is object that is returned from 'pred_delta_comps()'?
is_lm_mod Is object that is returned from 'lm()'?
is_null_or_na Catch NULL, empty and objects containing NAs
plot_delta_comp Plot redistributed time-use predictions from compositional ilr multiple linear regression model fit
predict_delta_comps Get predictions from compositional ilr multiple linear regression model
print_ilr_trans Print the ilr transformation of provided composition parts to console