Time Series Modeling for Climate Change Proxies

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Documentation for package ‘ClamR’ version 2.1-3

Help Pages

ClamR-package Climate Change with Proxies
CLAM1 Clam Proxy Data
ClamR Climate Change with Proxies
climate Climate Record At Croig Cave
elliot_yr1 Elliot Data Summer
elliot_yr2 Elliot Data Winter
error.bar Error bar plot
NextPow2 Next power of 2
otolith otolith Proxy Data
plotproxy.all Plot Output Jack-Knife
plotproxy.all2 Plot Output Jack-Knife
plotproxy.error Plot Output Jack-Knife
plotproxy.error11 Plot Output Jack-Knife
plotproxy1 Plot Output Jack-Knife
proxyA Optimum Wilkinson Curve Fitting
proxyJK Jackknife Wilkinson Curve Fitting
RESCALE Rescale a vector to fit in a certain range
rwp_limpet Reconstructed Temperature Record
SinMod Sine Model of climate time series
windowsize Find Window Size