Create Complex UpSet Plots Using 'ggplot2' Components

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Documentation for package ‘ComplexUpset’ version 1.3.3

Help Pages

aes_percentage Generate mapping for labeling percentages
arrange_venn Arrange points for Venn diagram
compare_between_intersections Compare covariates between intersections
create_upset_abc_example Create an example dataset with three sets: A, B and C
geom_venn_circle Circle for Venn diagram
geom_venn_label_region Label for a region of Venn diagram
geom_venn_label_set Label for a set of Venn diagram
geom_venn_region Region of Venn diagram
get_size_mode Retrieve symbol for given mode that can be used in aesthetics mapping with double bang (!!)
intersection_matrix Prepare layers for sets sizes plot
intersection_ratio Barplot annotation of relative intersections sizes
intersection_size Barplot annotation of intersections sizes
reverse_log_trans Logarithmic scale for use with 'upset_set_size()'
scale_color_venn_mix Color scale for Venn diagram
scale_fill_venn_mix Fill scale for Venn diagram
upset Compose an UpSet plot
upset_annotate Annotation panel shorthand
upset_data Prepare data for UpSet plots
upset_default_themes Default themes modified by specified arguments
upset_mode Layer defining the intersection mode for the data to be displayed
upset_modify_themes Default themes modified by specified component-specific arguments
upset_query Highlight chosen sets or intersections
upset_set_size Prepare layers for sets sizes plot
upset_stripes Define appearence of the stripes
upset_test Test for differences between intersections
upset_text_percentage Generate percentage label of the intersection/union sizes ratio
upset_themes List of default themes for upset components