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Documentation for package ‘CalcThemAll.PRM’ version 1.1.1

Help Pages

add_your_own_pesticide Add new pesticides to the pesticide_info table
Burr_Type_III_Formula Burr Type III (Inverse Burr) Equation Formula
calculate_daily_average_PRM Calculate Daily Average Pesticide Risk Metric Values For Each Pesticide Type
calculate_wet_season_average_PRM Calculate Wet Season Average Pesticide Risk Metric Values Using Multiple Imputation
Canto_pesticides Canto Region Pesticide Concentration Values (Example Data Set)
find_Sampling_Year Find Sampling Year
find_season Find Sample's Season (Wet or Dry)
find_wet_season_end Find Wet Season End Date
Gamma_Formula Gamma CDF Equation Formula
imputation_beta Imputation Function - Beta Version
imputation_kernel Imputation Function - Kernal Version
Inverse_Weibull_Formula Inverse Weibull Formula
Log_Gumbel_Formula Log Gumbel CDF Equation Formula
Log_Logistic_Formula Log Logistic Formula
Log_Logistic_Log_Logistic_Formula Log Logistic Log Logistic (double curve) CDF Formula
Log_Normal_Formula Log-Normal CDF Equation Formula
Log_Normal_Log_Normal_Formula Log-Normal Log-Normal (double curve) CDF Equation Formula
pesticide_info Pesticide Information for Pesticide Risk Metric Calculations (Reference Table)
plot_daily_PRM Plot Daily Average PRM Values for a Single Site/Sampling Year
plot_wet_season_window Plot Wet Season Window Box on plot_daily_PRM
PRM_DT PRM Data Table Function
treat_LORs Treat a single observations LORs
treat_LORs_all_data Treat a whole data set's LOR values