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ClimInd-package ClimInd: Climate Indices

-- A --

aci Atmospheric Clarity Index
asd Average snow depth
at Apparent temperature

-- B --

bi Budyko Index
bio10 TG of warmest quarter
bio11 TG of coldest quarter
bio13 Precipitation of wettest month
bio14 Precipitation of driest month
bio15 Precipitation coefficient of variation
bio16 Precipitation wettest quarter
bio17 Precipitation of Driest Quarter
bio18 Precipitation warmest quarter
bio19 Precipitation coldest quarter
bio20 Mean radiation
bio4 Temperature seasonality
bio5 TX warmest month
bio6 TN of coldest month
bio7 Temperature Annual Range
bio8 TG of wettest quarter
bio9 TG of driest quarter

-- C --

calculate_all Calculate all indexes
calculate_all_scales Calculate all indexes for all time scales
cc Mean daily cloud cover
cdd Longest dry period
cfd Maximum consecutive frost days
ClimInd ClimInd: Climate Indices
ClimIndNews ClimIndNews
cmd Climatic moisture deficit
csd Maximum consecutive summer days
csdi Cold spell duration
cwd Longest wet period

-- D --

d32 Days TX32
d50mm Heavy precipitation days
d95p Very wet days
Datasets data_all
data_all data_all
dd Dry days
dd17 Difference days above/below Tx17
dfx21 Days wind gusts above 21 m/s
dr1mm Wet days 1mm
dr3mm Wet days 3mm
dtr Diurnal temperature range

-- E --

eai Emberger aridity index
ep Effective precipitation
eto Reference evapotranspiration
etr Extreme temperature range

-- F --

fd Frost days
fg Mean of daily mean wind strength
fg6bft Number of days with averaged wind above 10.8m/s
fgcalm Calm days
fod Foggy days
fpsc Date of first permanent snow cover
fsc Date of first snow cover
fsd Number of snow days
fxx Daily maximum wind gust

-- G --

gd4 Growing degree days
gsl Growing season length
gsr Growing season precipitation
gtg Mean TG
gtn Mean TN
gtx Mean TX

-- H --

hd17 Heating degree days
hi Heat Index
hsd Heavy snowy days

-- I --

id Ice days

-- J --

jci Johansson Continentality Index

-- K --

koi Kerner Oceanity Index

-- L --

lpsc Date of last permanent snow cover

-- M --

mai De Martonne aridity index
mfi Modified Fournier Index
mi Mould index
moi Marsz Oceanity Index
ms Maximum snow depth
msd Mild snowy days

-- N --

ngsr Non-growing season precipitation
ntg Minimum TG

-- O --

ogs10 Onset of growing season 10 days
ogs6 Onset of growing season 6 days

-- P --

pci Precipitation Concentration Index
pici Pinna Combinative Index
prcptot Total precipitation wet days
ptg Sums positive

-- R --

r10mm Days precipitation >= R10mm
r20mm Days precipitation >= R20mm
r95tot Percentage precipitation of very wet days
r99tot Precipitation fraction extremely wet days
rti Total precipitation
rx1day Maximum precipitation
rx5d Maximum 5 days R

-- S --

scd Number of snow covered days
sd0_10 Snow depth 1-10
sd10_20 Snow depth 10-20
sdii Simple precipitation intensity index
snd Sunny days
spei1 Standardised Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index 1
spei12 Standardised Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index 12
spei3 Standardised Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index 3
spei6 Standardised Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index 6
spi1 Standardized precipitation index 1
spi12 Standardized precipitation index 12
spi3 Standardized precipitation index 3
spi6 Standardized precipitation index 6
ss Snowfall sum
ssd Sum of sunshine duration
ssp Sunshine duration percentage
stn10 Sums TN-10
stn15 Sums TN-15
stx32 Sums TX32
su Summer days

-- T --

ta_o Growing season (Apr-Oct)
tm_s Growing season(May-Sep)
tn10p Percentage of cold nights
tn90p Warm nights
tnn Minimum TN
tnx Maximum TN
tr Tropical nights
tx10p Percentage of cold days
tx90p Warm days
txn Minimum TX
txx Maximum TX

-- U --

uai UNEP Aridity Index
utci Universal Thermal Climate Index

-- V --

vcd Very cold days
vdtr Mean daily difference DTR
vwd Very warm days

-- W --

wci Wind chill index
wki Winkler index
ws Winter Severity
wsdi Warm spell duration

-- X --

xtg Maximum TG

-- Z --

zcd Zero crossing days