Data Sets for Psychometric Modeling

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Documentation for package ‘edmdata’ version 1.2.0

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items_ecpe Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE) Item Responses
items_fractions Fraction Subtraction and Addition Assessment Item Responses
items_matrix_reasoning Experimental Matrix Reasoning Test Item Responses
items_narcissistic_personality_inventory Narcissistic Personality Inventory Item Responses
items_ordered_eclsk_atl Subset of Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten (ECLS-K)'s Approaches to Learning Item Responses
items_probability_part_one Elementary Probability Theory Assessment Item Responses
items_revised_psvtr Revised PSVT:R Item Responses
items_spm_ls Last Series of the Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM-LS) Item Responses
items_taylor_manifest_anxiety_scale Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale Item Responses
qmatrix_ecpe Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE) Expert-Derived Q matrix
qmatrix_fractions Fraction Subtraction and Addition Assessment Expert-Derived Q Matrix
qmatrix_oracle Oracle Q Matrices
qmatrix_oracle_k2_j12 Oracle Q Matrices
qmatrix_oracle_k3_j20 Oracle Q Matrices
qmatrix_oracle_k4_j20 Oracle Q Matrices
qmatrix_oracle_k5_j30 Oracle Q Matrices
qmatrix_probability_part_one Elementary Probability Theory Assessment Expert-Derived Q Matrix
strategy_oracle Strategy Oracle Sets
strategy_oracle_k3_j20_s2 Strategy Oracle Sets
strategy_oracle_k3_j30_s2 Strategy Oracle Sets
strategy_oracle_k3_j40_s2 Strategy Oracle Sets
strategy_oracle_k3_j50_s2 Strategy Oracle Sets
strategy_oracle_k4_j20_s2 Strategy Oracle Sets
strategy_oracle_k4_j30_s2 Strategy Oracle Sets
strategy_oracle_k4_j40_s2 Strategy Oracle Sets
strategy_oracle_k4_j50_s2 Strategy Oracle Sets