Preprocessing Tools for Clinical Trial Data

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Documentation for package ‘dunlin’ version 0.1.7

Help Pages

dunlin-package 'Dunlin' Package
add_whisker Add whisker values
as.list.rule Convert Rule to List
assert_all_tablenames Assert that all names are among names of a 'list' of 'data.frame'.
assert_valid_format Assert Nested List can be used as Format Argument in Reformat.
assert_valid_list_format Assert List can be Converted into a Nested List Compatible with the Format Argument of Reformat.
attr_label Setting the Label Attribute
attr_label_df Setting the Label Attribute to Data Frame Columns
co_relevels Reorder Two Columns Levels Simultaneously
cut_by_group Cutting data by group
dunlin 'Dunlin' Package
get_log Get Log Get Log
get_log.list Get Log
join_adsub_adsl Join 'adsub' to 'adsl'
join_adsub_adsl.list Join 'adsub' to 'adsl'
list2rules Convert nested list into list of 'rule'
log_filter Filter Data with Log Filter Data with Log
log_filter.list Filter Data with Log
ls_explicit_na Encode Categorical Missing Values in a 'list' of 'data.frame'
ls_unite Unite Columns of a Table in a 'list' of 'data.frame'.
multi_id_pivot_wider Transforming data.frame with Multiple Identifying columns into Wide Format
poly_pivot_wider Transforming data.frame with multiple Data Column into Wide Format
print_log Print Log Print Log
print_log.list Print Log
propagate Propagate Column
propagate.list Propagate Column
reformat Reformat Values
reformat.character Reformat Values
reformat.default Reformat Values
reformat.factor Reformat Values
reformat.list Reformat Values
remove_whisker Remove whisker values
render_safe Render whiskers safely
rule Create rule based on mappings
show_whisker Show Whisker Values