Recurrent Neural Network

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Documentation for package ‘rnn’ version 1.5.0

Help Pages

b2i Binary to Integer
backprop_gru backprop_gru
backprop_lstm backprop_lstm
backprop_r backprop_r
backprop_rnn backprop_rnn
bin2int Binary to Integer
clean_lstm clean_lstm
clean_r init_r
clean_rnn clean_rnn
epoch_annealing epoch annealing
epoch_print epoch printing for trainr
i2b Integer to Binary
init_gru init_gru
init_lstm init_lstm
init_r init_r
init_rnn init_rnn
int2bin Integer to Binary
loss_L1 L1 loss
predictr Recurrent Neural Network
predict_gru gru prediction function
predict_lstm gru prediction function
predict_rnn Recurrent Neural Network
rnn Recurrent Neural Network
run.finance_demo Demo app on finance data
run.rnn_demo Demo app
trainr Recurrent Neural Network
update_adagrad update_adagrad
update_r update_r
update_sgd update_sgd