Graphical Analysis of Structural Causal Models

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Documentation for package ‘dagitty’ version 0.3-4

Help Pages

adjacentNodes Ancestral Relations
adjustedNodes Variable Statuses
adjustedNodes<- Variable Statuses
adjustmentSets Covariate Adjustment Sets
ancestorGraph Ancestor Graph
ancestors Ancestral Relations
AncestralRelations Ancestral Relations
as.dagitty Convert to DAGitty object
backDoorGraph Back-Door Graph
canonicalize Canonicalize an Ancestral Graph
children Ancestral Relations
ciTest Test Graph against Data
completeDAG Generate Complete DAG
convert Convert from DAGitty object to other graph types
coordinates Plot Coordinates of Variables in Graph
coordinates<- Plot Coordinates of Variables in Graph
dagitty Parse DAGitty Graph
dconnected d-Separation
descendants Ancestral Relations
downloadGraph Load Graph from
dseparated d-Separation
edges Graph Edges
equivalenceClass Generating Equivalent Models
equivalentDAGs Generating Equivalent Models
EquivalentModels Generating Equivalent Models
exogenousVariables Retrieve Exogenous Variables
exposures Variable Statuses
exposures<- Variable Statuses
findCycle Test for Cycles
getExample Get Bundled Examples
graphLayout Generate Graph Layout
graphType Get Graph Type
impliedConditionalIndependencies List Implied Conditional Independencies
impliedCovarianceMatrix Implied Covariance Matrix of a Gaussian Graphical Model
instrumentalVariables Find Instrumental Variables
is.dagitty Test for Graph Class
isAcyclic Test for Cycles
isAdjustmentSet Adjustment Criterion
isCollider Test for Colliders
latents Variable Statuses
latents<- Variable Statuses
lavaanToGraph Convert Lavaan Model to DAGitty Graph
localTests Test Graph against Data
markovBlanket Ancestral Relations
measurementPart Extract Measurement Part from Structural Equation Model
moralize Moral Graph
names.dagitty Names of Variables in Graph
neighbours Ancestral Relations
orientPDAG Orient Edges in PDAG.
outcomes Variable Statuses
outcomes<- Variable Statuses
parents Ancestral Relations
paths Show Paths
plot.dagitty Plot Graph
plotLocalTestResults Plot Results of Local Tests
randomDAG Generate DAG at Random
setVariableStatus Variable Statuses
simulateLogistic Simulate Binary Data from DAG Structure
simulateSEM Simulate Data from Structural Equation Model
spouses Ancestral Relations
structuralPart Extract Structural Part from Structural Equation Model
toMAG Convert DAG to MAG.
topologicalOrdering Get Topological Ordering of DAG
vanishingTetrads List Implied Vanishing Tetrads
VariableStatus Variable Statuses