R Interface to 'AutoKeras'

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Documentation for package ‘autokeras’ version 1.0.12

Help Pages

autokeras-package R Interface to AutoKeras
autokeras R Interface to AutoKeras
AutokerasModel-class Autokeras Model Class Representation
evaluate Evaluate a Model
evaluate.AutokerasModel Evaluate a Model
export_model Export Model
fit Search for the Best Model and Hyperparameters
fit.AutokerasModel Search for the Best Model and Hyperparameters
install_autokeras Install Autokeras, Keras, and the Tensorflow Backend
model_image_classifier AutoKeras Image Classifier Model
model_image_regressor AutoKeras Image Regressor Model
model_structured_data_classifier AutoKeras Structured Data Classifier Model
model_structured_data_regressor AutoKeras Structured Data Regressor Model
model_text_classifier AutoKeras Text Classifier Model
model_text_regressor AutoKeras Text Regressor Model
predict Model Predictions
predict.AutokerasModel Model Predictions