Graphical User Interface for Data Quality Assessment

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Documentation for package ‘DQAgui’ version 0.2.3

Help Pages

button_send_datamap button_send_datamap
check_load_data_button Evaluates whether the load-data button needs to be shown or not.
feedback_txt This function is used in the config-tab and displays the selected system to the user.
get_db_settings get_db_settings
launch_app Launch the DQA graphical user interface (GUI)
module_atemp_pl_server module_atemp_pl_server
module_atemp_pl_ui module_atemp_pl_ui
module_completeness_server module_completeness_server
module_completeness_ui module_completeness_ui
module_config_server module_config_server
module_config_ui module_config_ui
module_dashboard_server module_dashboard_server
module_dashboard_ui module_dashboard_ui
module_descriptive_server module_descriptive_server
module_descriptive_ui module_descriptive_ui
module_log_server module_log_server
module_log_ui module_log_ui
module_mdr_server module_mdr_server
module_mdr_ui module_mdr_ui
module_report_server module_report_server
module_report_ui module_report_ui
module_uniq_plaus_server module_uniq_plaus_server
module_uniq_plaus_ui module_uniq_plaus_ui
set_target_equal_to_source This function is called when the user clicks on the button
show_failure_alert Sjows an error alert modal with the hint to look into the logfile.
test_connection_button_clicked Checks if an connection can be established to the system.
validate_inputs This function checks if all necessary input parameters for source and target exist and are valid.