Adherence to Medications

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Documentation for package ‘AdhereR’ version 0.8.1

Help Pages

callAdhereR callAdhereR.
CMA0 CMA0 constructor.
CMA1 CMA1 and CMA3 constructors.
CMA2 CMA2 and CMA4 constructors.
CMA3 CMA1 and CMA3 constructors.
CMA4 CMA2 and CMA4 constructors.
CMA5 CMA5 constructor.
CMA6 CMA6 constructor.
CMA7 CMA7 constructor.
CMA8 CMA8 constructor.
CMA9 CMA9 constructor.
CMA_per_episode CMA_per_episode constructor.
CMA_polypharmacy CMA constructor for polypharmacy.
CMA_sliding_window CMA_sliding_window constructor. Gap Days and Event (prescribing or dispensing) Intervals.
compute.treatment.episodes Compute Treatment Episodes.
compute_event_durations Computation of event durations.
cover_special_periods Cover special periods.
durcomp.dispensing Example dispensing events for 16 patients.
durcomp.hospitalisation Example special periods for 10 patients.
durcomp.prescribing Example prescription events for 16 patients.
get.event.plotting.area Get the actual plotting area.
get.legend.plotting.area Get the legend plotting area. Get info about the plotted events.
get.plotted.partial.cmas Get info about the plotted partial CMAs.
getCallerWrapperLocation getCallerWrapperLocation.
getCMA Access the actual CMA estimate from a CMA object.
getEventInfo Access the event info from a CMA object.
getEventsToEpisodesMapping getEventsToEpisodesMapping
getEventsToSlidingWindowsMapping getEventsToSlidingWindowsMapping
getInnerEventInfo Access the inner event info from a complex CMA object.
getMGs Access the medication groups of a CMA object. Access last adherence plot info. Map from event to plot coordinates. Example medication events records for 100 patients. Example of medication events with ATC codes.
med.groups Example of medication groups.
plot.CMA0 Plot CMA0 objects.
plot.CMA1 Plot CMA0-derived objects.
plot.CMA2 Plot CMA0-derived objects.
plot.CMA3 Plot CMA0-derived objects.
plot.CMA4 Plot CMA0-derived objects.
plot.CMA5 Plot CMA0-derived objects.
plot.CMA6 Plot CMA0-derived objects.
plot.CMA7 Plot CMA0-derived objects.
plot.CMA8 Plot CMA0-derived objects.
plot.CMA9 Plot CMA0-derived objects.
plot.CMA_per_episode Plot CMA_per_episode and CMA_sliding_window objects.
plot.CMA_sliding_window Plot CMA_per_episode and CMA_sliding_window objects.
plot_interactive_cma Interactive exploration and CMA computation.
print.CMA0 Print CMA0 (and derived) objects.
print.CMA1 Print CMA0 (and derived) objects.
print.CMA2 Print CMA0 (and derived) objects.
print.CMA3 Print CMA0 (and derived) objects.
print.CMA4 Print CMA0 (and derived) objects.
print.CMA5 Print CMA0 (and derived) objects.
print.CMA6 Print CMA0 (and derived) objects.
print.CMA7 Print CMA0 (and derived) objects.
print.CMA8 Print CMA0 (and derived) objects.
print.CMA9 Print CMA0 (and derived) objects.
print.CMA_per_episode Print CMA0 (and derived) objects.
print.CMA_sliding_window Print CMA0 (and derived) objects.
prune_event_durations Prune event durations.
subsetCMA Restrict a CMA object to a subset of patients.
time_to_initiation Computation of initiation times.