Analyze Clustered Data with Generalized Linear Models using the Cluster Bootstrap

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Documentation for package ‘ClusterBootstrap’ version 1.1.2

Help Pages

clusbootglm Fit generalized linear models with the cluster bootstrap
clusbootsample Return data for specified bootstrap sample
coef.clusbootglm Obtain coefficients from cluster bootstrap object
confint.clusbootglm Confidence intervals for cluster bootstrap model parameters
emm Calculate estimated marginal means for a cluster bootstrap GLM
medication Medication data
opposites Opposites naming data
plot.clusbootemm Plot estimated marginal means for a cluster bootstrap GLM
plot.clusbootptest Plot results of a permutation test
ptest Permutation test for group differences at within-subject levels
summary.clusbootemm Summarize estimated marginal means for cluster bootstrap GLM into a grid
summary.clusbootglm Summarize output of cluster bootstrap GLM