Tabular Data Suppression using Gaussian Elimination

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Documentation for package ‘GaussSuppression’ version 0.7.0

Help Pages

AdditionalSuppression GaussSuppression from data and suppressed data
CandidatesDefault Candidates functions
CandidatesNum Candidates functions
ChainedSuppression Repeated GaussSuppression with forwarding of previous results
ChainedSuppressionHi Repeated GaussSuppression with forwarding of previous results
ChainedSuppressionHi1 Repeated GaussSuppression with forwarding of previous results
DominanceRule Dominance (n,k) rule for magnitude tables
FindDominantCells Method for finding dominant cells according to (possibly multiple) n,k dominance rules.
ForcedFromSuppressedData 'primary' and 'forced' from suppressed data
GaussSuppressDec Cell suppression with synthetic decimal numbers
GaussSuppressionFromData Cell suppression from input data containing inner cells
GaussSuppressionTwoWay Two-way iteration variant of 'GaussSuppressionFromData'
KDisclosurePrimary Construct primary suppressed difference matrix
LazyLinkedTables Linked tables by full 'GaussSuppressionFromData' iterations
MaxContribution Find major contributors to aggregates
Ncontributors Find the number of unique groups contributing to aggregates
NcontributorsHolding 'Ncontributors' with holding-indicator
NContributorsRule Number of contributors suppression rule
NotPrimaryFromSuppressedData 'primary' and 'forced' from suppressed data
PackageSpecs Function for viewing built-in GaussSuppression specs
PrimaryDefault Default primary function
PrimaryFromSuppressedData 'primary' and 'forced' from suppressed data
SingletonDefault Default singleton function
SingletonUniqueContributor Unique contributor singleton function
SuppressDirectDisclosure Suppression of directly-disclosive cells
SuppressDominantCells Suppress volume tables using dominant cell primary suppression.
SuppressFewContributors Few contributors suppression
SuppressionFromDecimals Cell suppression from synthetic decimal numbers
SuppressKDisclosure K-disclosure suppression
SuppressSmallCounts Small count frequency table suppression.