Biological Geometries

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Documentation for package ‘biogeom’ version 1.0.5

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adjdata Boundary Data Adjustment of A Polygon
areaGE Area Calculation for the Gielis Curve Within [0, 2pi)
areaovate Area Calculation for an Ovate Polygon
bambooleaves Leaf Boundary Data of _Phyllostachys incarnata_ T. H. Wen (Poaceae: Bambusoideae)
bilat Measure of the Extent of Bilateral Symmetry of A Polygon
biogeom Biological Geometries
curveGE Drawing the Gielis Curve
curveNRGE Drawing the Egg Shape Predicted by the Narushin-Romanov-Griffin Equation
curveovate Drawing the Ovate Leaf-Shape Curve
eggs Egg Boundary Data of Nine Species of Birds
fitGE Data-Fitting Function for the Gielis Equation
fitNRGE Parameter Estimation for the Narushin-Romanov-Griffin Equation
fitovate Data-Fitting Function for the Ovate Leaf-Shape Equation
fitsigmoid Data-Fitting Function for the Sigmoid Growth Equation
fracdim Calculation of Fractal Dimension of Lef Veins Based on the Box-Counting Method
GE Calculation of the Polar Radius of the Gielis Curve
ginkgoseed Boundary Data of the Side Projections of _Ginkgo biloba_ Seeds
kp Boundary Data of the Vertical Projections of _Koelreuteria paniculata_ Fruit
MbetaE Modified Beta Equation
MBriereE Modified Briere Equation
MLRFE Modified Lobry-Rosso-Flandrois (LRF) Equation
Neocinnamomum Leaf Boundary Data of Seven Species of _Neocinnamomum_
NRGE The Narushin-Romanov-Griffin Equation (NRGE)
shoots Height Growth Data of Bamboo Shoots
sigmoid Sigmoid Growth Equation
starfish Boundary Data of Eight Sea Stars
TGE Calculation of the Polar Radius of the Twin Gielis Curve
veins Leaf Vein Data of _Michelia compressa_
whitespruce Planar Coordinates of _Picea glauca_ Tree Rings