Mapping of a Categorical Variable in a Panel Dataset

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Documentation for package ‘cat2cat’ version 0.2.1

Help Pages

cat2cat Automatic mapping of a categorical variable in a panel dataset according to a new encoding
cat2cat_agg Aggregate panel dataset - Manual mapping of a categorical variable according to a new encoding
cat_apply_freq Applying frequencies to object returned by get_mappings
cross_c2c a function to make a combination of weights from different methods by each row
get_freqs Getting frequencies for a vector with an optional multiplier argument
get_mappings Transforming table of mappings to a list with keys
occup Occupational dataset
occup_small Occupational dataset - small one
plot_c2c Summary plots for cat2cat results.
prune_c2c A set of prune methods which will be useful after transition process
summary_c2c Summary for data.frame with replicated rows
trans trans dataset containing transitions between old (2008) and new (2010) occupational codes. this table could be used to map encodings in both directions.
verticals verticals dataset
verticals2 verticals2 dataset