Calculate the Inertial Properties of a Flying Bird

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Documentation for package ‘AvInertia’ version 0.0.2

Help Pages

calc_inertia_conesolid Moment of inertia tensor of a solid circular cone pyramid
calc_inertia_cylhollow Moment of inertia tensor of a hollow cylinder
calc_inertia_cylsolid Moment of inertia tensor of a solid cylinder
calc_inertia_ellcone Moment of inertia tensor of a solid elliptical cone - end of purple notebook derivation verified in green
calc_inertia_ellcyl Moment of inertia tensor of a solid elliptical cylinder Reference:
calc_inertia_ellipse Moment of inertia tensor of solid ellipse CG or a half ellipse centered on the base
calc_inertia_platerect Moment of inertia tensor of a flat rectangular plate - assumes thickness is approximately zero Reference:
calc_inertia_platetri Moment of inertia tensor of a flat triangular plate
calc_inertia_pyrasolid Moment of inertia tensor of a solid square pyramid Reference: All outputs are based on an origin at the centered point on the base
calc_rot A 3x3 rotation matrix constructed by projecting the new axes onto the original system. Likely results in rotation about all axes.
calc_univec Determine the unit vector of any input vector
clean_pts The identified peripheral and joint 3D positions.
combine_inertialprop Combine body and wing inertial components.
compute_feat_inertia Compute the inertia of the individual feathers
dat_bird_curr Bird specific morphology dataset
dat_bone_curr Wing bone specific morphology dataset
dat_feat_curr Flight feather specific morphology dataset
dat_id_curr Identification variables for current configuration
dat_mat Material properties.
density_optimizer Optimize torso section densities
kronecker_delta Kroneckerdelta function
massprop_birdwing Calculate the center of gravity and moment of inertia for a halfspan wing.
massprop_bones Bone mass properties
massprop_feathers Feather mass properties
massprop_head Head mass properties
massprop_muscles Muscle mass properties
massprop_neck Neck mass properties
massprop_pm Point-mass mass properties
massprop_restbody Calculate the center of gravity and moment of inertia for the head, neck, torso and tail.
massprop_skin Calculates the mass properties of skin or tertiaries
massprop_tail Head mass properties
massprop_torso Torso and leg mass properties
orient_feather Determine the feather orientation
parallelaxis Parallel axis theory
plot_CGloc Plot the center of gravity of each component
rotx A 3x3 rotation matrix allowing rotation about the x-axis. Constructed using a cosine rotation matrix where the rotation angle in degrees is measured counterclockwise allowing positive rotation under the right hand rule.
store_data Store data from the inertia calculations in long format
structural2VRP_feat Transform feather specific inertial properties to current position