Bayesian Framework for Computational Modeling

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Documentation for package ‘bfw’ version 0.4.2

Help Pages

AddNames Add Names
bfw Settings
CapWords Capitalize Words
Cats Dataset with Cats
ChangeNames Change Names
ComputeHDI Compute HDI
ContrastNames Contrast Names
DiagMCMC Diagnose MCMC
DistinctColors Distinct Colors
FileName File Name
FindEnvironment Find Environment
FlattenList Flatten List
GammaDist Gamma Distribution
GetRange Get Range
Interleave Interleave
InverseHDI Compute Inverse HDI
Layout Layout
MatrixCombn Matrix Combinations
MergeMCMC Merge MCMC
MultiGrep Multi Grep
Normalize Normalize
PadVector Pad Vector
ParseNumber Parse Numbers
ParsePlot Parse Plot
PlotCirclize Circlize Plot
PlotData Plot Data
PlotMean Plot Mean
PlotNominal Plot Nominal
PlotParam Plot Param
ReadFile Read File
RemoveEmpty Remove Empty
RemoveGarbage Remove Garbage
RemoveSpaces Remove Spaces
RunContrasts Run Contrasts
SingleString Single String
StatsBernoulli Bernoulli Trials
StatsCovariate Covariate
StatsFit Fit Data
StatsKappa Cohen's Kappa
StatsMean Mean Data
StatsMetric Predict Metric
StatsNominal Predict Nominal
StatsRegression Regression
StatsSoftmax Softmax Regression
SumMCMC Summarize MCMC
SumToZero Sum to Zero
TidyCode Tidy Code
Trim Trim
TrimSplit Trim Split
VectorSub Pattern Matching and Replacement From Vectors