Tools to Download and Work with USDA Cropscape Data

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Documentation for package ‘cdlTools’ version 0.15

Help Pages

census2010FIPS U.S. Census 2010 FIPS Data
corn CDL corn classes
cotton CDL cotton classes
createComparableCDL Create comparable raster images
cultivated CDL cultivated classes
durumWheat CDL durum wheat classes
fips FIPS code conversion function.
getCDL Get CDL raster data
matchCount Counts distinct pixel pairs in CDL raster images
nothing CDL nothing class
pasture CDL pasture classes
projCDL The default projection of CDL data
soybeans CDL soybeans classes
springWheat CDL spring wheat classes
stateNames U.S. Census 2010 State FIPS Data
updateNamesCDL Label CDL classes.
varNamesCDL Enumerated CDL classes
water CDL water classes
winterWheat CDL winter wheat classes