CTN Outcomes, Treatments, and Endpoints

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Documentation for package ‘CTNote’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

collapse_lattice Combine Multiple Simple Study Design "Lattices"
count_matches Count Periods of Substance Use / Abstinence
detect_in_window Detect Visits before Matching a Fuzzy Sub-Pattern
detect_subpattern Detect a Consecutive Sub-Pattern
egOpioidsCTN0094 Opioid Use by Study Day for Example CTN-0094 Participants
impute_missing_visits Naively Impute Missing Visits
measure_abstinence_period Measure the Length of the Longest Abstinent Period
measure_retention Measure Length of Use Pattern before Dropout
outcomesCTN0094 All Treatment Outcomes for CTN-0094 Participants
recode_missing_visits Recode Missing or Ambiguous UDS in a Subject Use Pattern
view_by_lattice View a Pattern through a Study Design "Lattice"
weight_positive_visits Weight Visits in a Subject Use Pattern