Clustering of Categorical Data

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Documentation for package ‘EnsCat’ version 1.1

Help Pages

alphadata Alphaherpesvirinae virus genome sequence data
Benhc Performs bootstrap ensemble hierarchical clustering for categorical data.
cancer Primary tumor domain (cancer) data
CTN convert genetic data (nucleotides) to numerical values
ebola Ebolavirus genome sequence data
enhcHi Performs ensemble hierarchical clustering for high dimensional categorical data
EnsCat This package includes several methods that can be used to cluster categorical data.
ggdplot Nice plots of hierarchical clustering results via ggdendrogram
hammingD Calculate the hamming distance between data points.
kmodes Run Kmodes
lympho Lymphography domian (lympho) data
mush Mushroom data
rhabdodata Rhabdoviridae virus genome sequence data
soybean Soybean (small) data
tangle Generate a tanglegram from two hierarchical clusterings of a data set
USFlag United States Flag Privately-Owned Merchant Fleet Data
zoo zoo data