Analyzing Glucose and Glucose Variability

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Documentation for package ‘cgmquantify’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

eA1c Compute Estimated A1c
GMI Compute Glycemic Management Indicator
HBGI Compute High Blood Glucose Index
interdaycv Compute Interday Coefficient of Variation
interdaysd Compute Interday Standard Deviation
intradaycv Compute Intraday Coefficient of Variation
intradaysd Compute Intraday Standard Deviation
J_index Compute J-index
LBGI Compute Low Blood Glucose Index
LBGI_HBGI Compute Low Blood Glucose Index
MGE Compute Mean of Glycemic Excursions
MGN Compute Mean of Normal Glucose
plot_glucose Plot Glucose Data
POR Compute Percent of Time Outside Range
readfile Read in Data Frame
summary_glucose Compute Glucose Summary Statistics
TIR Compute Time Inside Range
TOR Compute Time Outside Range