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-- A --

Abbey Daily price returns (in pence) of Abbey National shares between 7/31/91 and 10/8/91
Abc Three samples to illustrate analysis of variance
Abilene Crimes reported in Abilene, Texas
Ability Perceived math ability for 13-year olds by gender
Abortion Abortion rate by region of country
Absent Number of absent days for 20 employees
Achieve Math achievement test scores by gender for 25 high school students
Adsales Number of ads versus number of sales for a retailer of satellite dishes
Aggress Agressive tendency scores for a group of teenage members of a street gang
Aid Monthly payments per person for families in the AFDC federal program
Aids Incubation times for 295 patients thought to be infected with HIV by a blood transfusion
Airdisasters Aircraft disasters in five different decades
Airline Percentage of on-time arrivals and number of complaints for 11 airlines
Alcohol Ages at which 14 female alcoholics began drinking
Allergy Allergy medicines by adverse events
Anesthet Recovery times for anesthetized patients
Anxiety Math test scores versus anxiety scores before the test
Apolipop Level of apolipoprotein B and number of cups of coffee consumed per day for 15 adult males
Append Median costs of an appendectomy at 20 hospitals in North Carolina
Appendec Median costs of appendectomies at three different types of North Carolina hospitals
Aptitude Aptitude test scores versus productivity in a factory
Archaeo Radiocarbon ages of observations taken from an archaeological site
Arthriti Time of relief for three treatments of arthritis
Artifici Durations of operation for 15 artificial heart transplants
Asprin Dissolving time versus level of impurities in aspirin tablets
Asthmati Asthmatic relief index on nine subjects given a drug and a placebo
Attorney Number of convictions reported by U.S. attorney's offices
Autogear Number of defective auto gears produced by two manufacturers

-- B --

Backtoback Illustrates inferences based on pooled t-test versus Wilcoxon rank sum test
Bbsalaries Baseball salaries for members of five major league teams
Bigten Graduation rates for student athletes and nonathletes in the Big Ten Conf.
Biology Test scores on first exam in biology class
Birth Live birth rates in 1990 and 1998 for all states
Blackedu Education level of blacks by gender
Blood Blood pressure of 15 adult males taken by machine and by an expert
Board Incomes of board members from three different universities
Bones Bone density measurements of 35 physically active and 35 non-active women
Books Number of books read and final spelling scores for 17 third graders
Bookstor Prices paid for used books at three different bookstores
Brain Brain weight versus body weight of 28 animals
Bumpers Repair costs of vehicles crashed into a barrier at 5 miles per hour
Bus Attendance of bus drivers versus shift
Bypass Median charges for coronary bypass at 17 hospitals in North Carolina

-- C --

Cabinets Estimates of costs of kitchen cabinets by two suppliers on 20 prospective homes
Cancer Survival times of terminal cancer patients treated with vitamin C
Carbon Carbon monoxide level measured at three industrial sites
Cat Reading scores on the California achievement test for a group of 3rd graders
Censored Entry age and survival time of patients with small cell lung cancer under two different treatments
Challeng Temperatures and O-ring failures for the launches of the space shuttle Challenger
Chemist Starting salaries of 50 chemistry majors
Chesapea Surface salinity measurements taken offshore from Annapolis, Maryland in 1927
Chevy Insurance injury ratings of Chevrolet vehicles for 1990 and 1993 models
Chicken Weight gain of chickens fed three different rations
Chipavg Measurements of the thickness of the oxide layer of manufactured integrated circuits
Chips Four measurements on a first wafer and four measurements on a second wafer selected from 30 lots
Cigar Milligrams of tar in 25 cigarettes selected randomly from 4 different brands
Cigarett Effect of mother's smoking on birth weight of newborn
CIsim Confidence Interval Simulation Program
Citrus Percent of peak bone density of different aged children
Clean Residual contaminant following the use of three different cleansing agents
Coaxial Signal loss from three types of coxial cable
Coffee Productivity of workers with and without a coffee break
Coins Yearly returns on 12 investments
Combinations Combinations
Commute Commuting times for selected cities in 1980 and 1990
Concept Tennessee self concept scale scores for a group of teenage boys
Concrete Compressive strength of concrete blocks made by two different methods
Corn Comparison of the yields of a new variety and a standard variety of corn planted on 12 plots of land
Correlat Exercise to illustrate correlation
Counsel Scores of 18 volunteers who participated in a counseling process
Cpi Consumer price index from 1979 to 1998
Crime Violent crime rates for the states in 1983 and 1993

-- D --

Darwin Charles Darwin's study of cross-fertilized and self-fertilized plants
Dealers Automobile dealers classified according to type dealership and service rendered to customers
Defectiv Number of defective items produced by 20 employees
Degree Percent of bachelor's degrees awarded women in 1970 versus 1990
Delay Delay times on 20 flights from four major air carriers
Depend Number of dependent children for 50 families
Detroit Educational levels of a sample of 40 auto workers in Detroit
Develop Demographic characteristics of developmental students at 2-year colleges and 4-year colleges
Devmath Test scores for students who failed developmental mathematics in the fall semester 1995
Dice Outcomes and probabilities of the roll of a pair of fair dice
Diesel Diesel fuel prices in 1999-2000 in nine regions of the country
Diplomat Parking tickets issued to diplomats
Disposal Toxic intensity for manufacturing plants producing herbicidal preparations
Dogs Rankings of the favorite breeds of dogs
Domestic Rates of domestic violence per 1,000 women by age groups
Dopamine Dopamine b-hydroxylase activity of schizophrenic patients treated with an antipsychotic drug
Dowjones Closing yearend Dow Jones Industrial averages from 1896 through 2000
Drink Opinion on referendum by view on moral issue of selling alcoholic beverages
Drug Number of trials to master a task for a group of 28 subjects assigned to a control and an experimental group
Dyslexia Data on a group of college students diagnosed with dyslexia

-- E --

Earthqk One hundred year record of worldwide seismic activity(1770-1869)
EDA Exploratory Data Anaalysis
Educat Crime rates versus the percent of the population without a high school degree
Eggs Number of eggs versus amounts of feed supplement
Elderly Percent of the population over the age of 65
Energy Amount of energy consumed by homes versus their sizes
Engineer Salaries after 10 years for graduates of three different universities
Entrance College entrance exam scores for 24 high school seniors
Epaminicompact Fuel efficiency ratings for compact vehicles in 2001
Epatwoseater Fuel efficiency ratings for two-seater vehicles in 2001
Executiv Ages of 25 executives
Exercise Weight loss for 30 members of an exercise program

-- F --

Fabric Measures of softness of ten different clothing garments washed with and without a softener
Faithful Waiting times between successive eruptions of the Old Faithful geyser
Family Size of family versus cost per person per week for groceries
Ferraro1 Choice of presidental ticket in 1984 by gender
Ferraro2 Choice of vice presidental candidate in 1984 by gender
Fertility Fertility rates of all 50 states and DC
Firstchi Ages of women at the birth of their first child
Fish Length and number of fish caught with small and large mesh codend
Fitness Number of sit-ups before and after a physical fitness course
Florida2000 Florida voter results in the 2000 presidential election
Fluid Breakdown times of an insulating fluid under various levels of voltage stress
Food Annual food expenditures for 40 single households in Ohio
Framingh Cholesterol values of 62 subjects in the Framingham Heart Study
Freshman Ages of a random sample of 30 college freshmen
Funeral Cost of funeral by region of country

-- G --

Galaxie Velocities of 82 galaxies in the Corona Borealis region
Gallup Results of a Gallup poll on possession of marijuana as a criminal offense conducted in 1980
Gasoline Price of regular unleaded gasoline obtained from 25 service stations
German Number of errors in copying a German passage before and after an experimental course in German
Golf Distances a golf ball can be driven by 20 professional golfers
Governor Annual salaries for state governors in 1994 and 1999
Gpa High school GPA versus college GPA
Grades Test grades in a beginning statistics class
Graduate Graduation rates for student athletes in the Southeastern Conf.
Greenriv Varve thickness from a sequence through an Eocene lake deposit in the Rocky Mountains
Grnriv2 Thickness of a varved section of the Green river oil shale deposit near a major lake in the Rocky Mountains
Groupabc Group data to illustrate analysis of variance
Groups An illustration of analysis of variance
Gym Children's age versus number of completed gymnastic activities

-- H --

Habits Study habits of students in two matched school districts
Haptoglo Haptoglobin concentration in blood serum of 8 healthy adults
Hardware Daily receipts for a small hardware store for 31 working days
Hardwood Tensile strength of Kraft paper for different percentages of hardwood in the batches of pulp
Heat Primary heating sources of homes on indian reservations versus all households
Heating Fuel efficiency ratings for three types of oil heaters
Hodgkin Results of treatments for Hodgkin's disease
Homes Median prices of single-family homes in 65 metropolitan statistical areas
Homework Number of hours per week spent on homework for private and public high school students
Honda Miles per gallon for a Honda Civic on 35 different occasions
Hostile Hostility levels of high school students from rural, suburban, and urban areas
Housing Median home prices for 1984 and 1993 in 37 markets across the U.S.
Hurrican Number of storms, hurricanes and El Nino effects from 1950 through 1995

-- I --

Iceberg Number of icebergs sighted each month south of Newfoundland and south of the Grand Banks in 1920
Income Percent change in personal income from 1st to 2nd quarter in 2000
Independent Illustrates a comparison problem for long-tailed distributions
Indian Educational attainment versus per capita income and poverty rate for American indians living on reservations
Indiapol Average miles per hour for the winners of the Indianapolis 500 race
Indy500 Qualifying miles per hour and number of previous starts for drivers in 79th Indianapolis 500 race
Inflatio Private pay increase of salaried employees versus inflation rate
Inletoil Inlet oil temperature through a valve
Inmate Type of drug offense by race
Inspect Percent of vehicles passing inspection by type inspection station
Insulate Heat loss through a new insulating medium
Iqgpa GPA versus IQ for 12 individuals
Irises R.A. Fishers famous data on Irises

-- J --

Jdpower Number of problems reported per 100 cars in 1994 versus 1995s
Jobsat Job satisfaction and stress level for 9 school teachers

-- K --

Kidsmoke Smoking habits of boys and girls ages 12 to 18
Kilowatt Rates per kilowatt-hour for each of the 50 states and DC
Kinder Reading scores for first grade children who attended kindergarten versus those who did not

-- L --

Laminect Median costs of laminectomies at hospitals across North Carolina in 1992
Lead Lead levels in children's blood whose parents worked in a battery factory
Leader Leadership exam scores by age for employees on an industrial plant
Lethal Survival time of mice injected with an experimental lethal drug
Life Life expectancy of men and women in U.S.
Lifespan Life span of electronic components used in a spacecraft versus heat
Ligntmonth Relationship between damage reports and deaths caused by lightning
Lodge Measured traffic at three prospective locations for a motor lodge
Longtail Long-tailed distributions to illustrate Kruskal Wallis test
Lowabil Reading skills of 24 matched low ability students

-- M --

Magnesiu Magnesium concentration and distances between samples
Malpract Amounts awarded in 17 malpractice cases
Manager Advertised salaries offered general managers of major corporations in 1995
Marked Percent of marked cars in 65 police departments in Florida
Math Standardized math test scores for 30 students
Mathcomp Standardized math competency for a group of entering freshmen at a small community college
Mathpro Math proficiency and SAT scores by states
Maze Error scores for four groups of experimental animals running a maze
Median Illustrates test of equality of medians with the Kruskal Wallis test
Mental Median mental ages of 16 girls
Mercury Concentration of mercury in 25 lake trout
Metrent Monthly rental costs in metro areas with 1 million or more persons
Miller Miller personality test scores for a group of college students applying for graduate school
Miller1 Twenty scores on the Miller personality test
Moisture Moisture content and depth of core sample for marine muds in eastern Louisiana
Monoxide Carbon monoxide emitted by smoke stacks of a manufacturer and a competitor
Movie Moral attitude scale on 15 subjects before and after viewing a movie
Music Improvement scores for identical twins taught music recognition by two techniques

-- N --

Name Estimated value of a brand name product and the conpany's revenue
Nascar Efficiency of pit crews for three major NASCAR teams
Nervous Reaction effects of 4 drugs on 25 subjects with a nervous disorder
Newsstand Daily profits for 20 newsstands
Nfldraf2 Rating, time in 40-yard dash, and weight of top defensive linemen in the 1994 NFL draft
Nfldraft Rating, time in 40-yard dash, and weight of top offensive linemen in the 1994 NFL draft
Nicotine Nicotine content versus sales for eight major brands of cigarettes
normarea Normal Area
nsize Required Sample Size
ntester Normality Tester

-- O --

Orange Price of oranges versus size of the harvest
Orioles Salaries of members of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team
Oxytocin Arterial blood pressure of 11 subjects before and after receiving oxytocin

-- P --

Parented Education backgrounds of parents of entering freshmen at a state university
Patrol Years of experience and number of tickets given by patrolpersons in New York City
Pearson Karl Pearson's data on heights of brothers and sisters
Phone Length of long-distance phone calls for a small business firm
Poison Number of poisonings reported to 16 poison control centers
Politic Political party and gender in a voting district
Pollutio Air pollution index for 15 randomly selected days for a major western city
Porosity Porosity measurements on 20 samples of Tensleep Sandstone, Pennsylvanian from Bighorn Basin in Wyoming
Poverty Percent poverty and crime rate for selected cities
Precinct Robbery rates versus percent low income in eight precincts
Prejudic Racial prejudice measured on a sample of 25 high school students
Presiden Ages at inauguration and death of U.S. presidents
Press Degree of confidence in the press versus education level for 20 randomly selected persons
Prognost Klopfer's prognostic rating scale for subjects receiving behavior modification therapy
Program Effects of four different methods of programmed learning for statistics students
Psat PSAT scores versus SAT scores
Psych Correct responses for 24 students in a psychology experiment
Puerto Weekly incomes of a random sample of 50 Puerto Rican families in Miami

-- Q --

Quail Plasma LDL levels in two groups of quail
Quality Quality control test scores on two manufacturing processes

-- R --

Rainks Rainfall in an area of west central Kansas and four surrounding counties
Randd Research and development expenditures and sales of a large company
Rat Survival times of 20 rats exposed to high levels of radiation
Ratings Grade point averages versus teacher's ratings
Reaction Threshold reaction time for persons subjected to emotional stress
Reading Standardized reading scores for 30 fifth graders
Readiq Reading scores versus IQ scores
Referend Opinion on referendum by view on freedom of the press
Region Pollution index taken in three regions of the country
Register Maintenance cost versus age of cash registers in a department store
Rehab Rehabilitative potential of 20 prison inmates as judged by two psychiatrists
Remedial Math placement test score for 35 freshmen females and 42 freshmen males
Rentals Weekly rentals for 45 apartments
Repair Recorded times for repairing 22 automobiles involved in wrecks
Retail Length of employment versus gross sales for 10 employees of a large retail store
Ronbrown1 Oceanography data obtained at site 1 by scientist aboard the ship Ron Brown
Ronbrown2 Oceanography data obtained at site 2 by scientist aboard the ship Ron Brown
Rural Social adjustment scores for a rural group and a city group of children

-- S --

Salary Starting salaries for 25 new PhD psychologist
Salinity Surface-water salinity measurements from Whitewater Bay, Florida
Sat SAT scores, percent taking exam and state funding per student by state for 1994, 1995 and 1999
Saving Problem asset ration for savings and loan companies in California, New York, and Texas
Scales Readings obtained from a 100 pound weight placed on four brands of bathroom scales
Schizop2 Exam scores for 17 patients to assess the learning ability of schizophrenics after taking a specified does of a tranquilizer
Schizoph Standardized exam scores for 13 patients to investigate the learning ability of schizophrenics after a specified dose of a tranquilizer
Seatbelt Injury level versus seatbelt usage
Selfdefe Self-confidence scores for 9 women before and after instructions on self-defense
Senior Reaction times of 30 senior citizens applying for drivers license renewals
Sentence Sentences of 41 prisoners convicted of a homicide offense
Shkdrug Effects of a drug and electroshock therapy on the ability to solve simple tasks
Shock Effect of experimental shock on time to complete difficult task
Shoplift Sales receipts versus shoplifting losses for a department store
Short James Short's measurements of the parallax of the sun
Shuttle Number of people riding shuttle versus number of automobiles in the downtown area
SIGN.test Sign Test
Simpson Grade point averages of men and women participating in various sports-an illustration of Simpson's paradox
Situp Maximum number of situps by participants in an exercise class
Skewed Illustrates the Wilcoxon Rank Sum test
Skin Survival times of closely and poorly matched skin grafts on burn patients
Slc Sodium-lithium countertransport activity on 190 individuals from six large English kindred
Smokyph Water pH levels of 75 water samples taken in the Great Smoky Mountains
Snore Snoring versus heart disease
Snow Concentration of microparticles in snowfields of Greenland and Antarctica
Soccer Weights of 25 soccer players
Social Median income level for 25 social workers from North Carolina
Sophomor Grade point averages, SAT scores and final grade in college algebra for 20 sophomores
South Murder rates for 30 cities in the South
Speed Speed reading scores before and after a course on speed reading
Spellers Standardized spelling test scores for two fourth grade classes
Spelling Spelling scores for 9 eighth graders before and after a 2-week course of instruction
Sports Favorite sport by gender
Spouse Convictions in spouse murder cases by gender
SRS Simple Random Sampling
Stable Times of a 2-year old stallion on a one mile run
Stamp Thicknesses of 1872 Hidalgo stamps issued in Mexico
Statclas Grades for two introductory statistics classes
Statelaw Operating expenditures per resident for each of the state law enforcement agencies
Statisti Test scores for two beginning statistics classes
Step STEP science test scores for a class of ability-grouped students
Stress Short-term memory test scores on 12 subjects before and after a stressful situation
Study Number of hours studied per week by a sample of 50 freshmen
Submarin Number of German submarines sunk by U.S. Navy in World War II
Subway Time it takes a subway to travel from the airport to downtown
Sunspot Wolfer sunspot numbers from 1700 through 2000
Superbowl Margin of victory in Superbowls I to XXXV
Supercar Top speeds attained by five makes of supercars

-- T --

Tablrock Ozone concentrations at Mt. Mitchell, North Carolina
Teacher Average teacher's salaries across the states in the 70s 80s and 90s
Tenness Tennessee self concept scores for 20 gifted high school students
Tensile Tensile strength of plastic bags from two production runs
Test1 Grades on the first test in a statistics class
Thermal Heat loss of thermal pane windows versus outside temperature
Tiaa 1999-2000 closing prices for TIAA-CREF stocks
Ticket Time to complete an airline ticket reservation
Toaster Consumer Reports (Oct 94) rating of toaster ovens versus the cost
Tonsils Size of tonsils collected from 1,398 children
Tort The number of torts, average number of months to process a tort, and county population from the court files of the nation's largest counties
Toxic Hazardous waste sites near minority communities
Track National Olympic records for women in several races
Track15 Olympic winning times for the men's 1500-meter run
Treatments Illustrates analysis of variance for three treatment groups
Trees Number of trees in 20 grids
Trucks Miles per gallon for standard 4-wheel drive trucks manufactured by Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford
tsum.test Summarized t-test
Tv Percent of students that watch more than 6 hours of TV per day versus national math test scores
Twin Intelligence test scores for identical twins in which one twin is given a drug

-- U --

Undergrad Data set describing a sample of undergraduate students

-- V --

Vacation Number of days of paid holidays and vacation leave for sample of 35 textile workers
Vaccine Reported serious reactions due to vaccines in 11 southern states
Vehicle Fatality ratings for foreign and domestic vehicles
Verbal Verbal test scores and number of library books checked out for 15 eighth graders
Victoria Number of sunspots versus mean annual level of Lake Victoria Nyanza from 1902 to 1921
Viscosit Viscosity measurements of a substance on two different days
Visual Visual acuity of a group of subjects tested under a specified dose of a drug
Vocab Reading scores before and after vocabulary training for 14 employees who did not complete high school

-- W --

Wastewat Volume of injected waste water from Rocky Mountain Arsenal and number of earthquakes near Denver
Weather94 Weather casualties in 1994
Wheat Price of a bushel of wheat versus the national weekly earnings of production workers
Windmill Direct current produced by different wind velocities
Window Wind leakage for storm windows exposed to a 50 mph wind
Wins Baseball team wins versus seven independent variables for National league teams in 1990
Wool Strength tests of two types of wool fabric

-- Y --

Yearsunspot Monthly sunspot activity from 1974 to 2000

-- Z --

z.test Z-test
zsum.test Summarized z-test