Tools for ABC Analyses

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Documentation for package ‘abctools’ version 1.1.7

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abctools-package Tools for ABC analyses
abctools Tools for ABC analyses Summary statistics selection using approximate sufficiency.
AS.test Test for relative approximate sufficiency between two posterior samples.
coal Examples of coalescent data
coalobs Examples of coalescent data
combmat table of combinations
combtable table of combinations Coverage property diagnostics
cov.pi Coverage property diagnostics Coverage property diagnostics
covstats.pi Coverage property diagnostics
fillcomb table of combinations Diagnostic plots for model choice coverage output
mincrit Summary statistics selection by minimizing a posterior sample measure.
nn.ent Works out entropy of a sample.
recalibrationABC ABC inference with a recalibration adjustment
rsse Simulation error measures.
saABC Summary statistic construction by semi-automatic ABC
selectsumm Generic function for selecting summary statistics in ABC inference. Performs semi-automatic ABC based on summary statistics regression.
sse Simulation error measures.
stage2 stage2