'AWS S3' Client Package

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Documentation for package ‘aws.s3’ version 0.3.21

Help Pages

aws.s3-package aws.s3-package
aws.s3 aws.s3-package
bucketexists Deprecated
bucketlist List Buckets
bucket_exists Bucket exists?
bucket_list_df List Buckets
copybucket Deprecated
copyobject Deprecated
copy_bucket Copy Objects
copy_object Copy Objects
deletebucket Deprecated
deleteobject Deprecated
delete_bucket Delete Bucket
delete_bucket_policy Bucket policies
delete_cors CORS
delete_encryption Bucket encryption
delete_lifecycle Lifecycle
delete_object Delete object
delete_replication Bucket replication
delete_tagging Bucket tagging
delete_website Bucket Website configuration
getbucket Deprecated
getobject Deprecated
get_acceleration Bucket Acceleration
get_acl Get or put bucket/object ACLs
get_bucket List bucket contents
get_bucketname Utility Functions
get_bucketname.character Utility Functions
get_bucketname.s3_bucket Utility Functions
get_bucketname.s3_object Utility Functions
get_bucket_df List bucket contents
get_bucket_policy Bucket policies
get_cors CORS
get_encryption Bucket encryption
get_lifecycle Lifecycle
get_location Bucket location
get_notification Notifications
get_object Get object
get_objectkey Utility Functions
get_objectkey.character Utility Functions
get_objectkey.s3_object Utility Functions
get_replication Bucket replication
get_requestpayment requestPayment
get_tagging Bucket tagging
get_torrent Get object torrent
get_uploads Multipart uploads
get_versioning Bucket versions
get_versions Bucket versions
get_website Bucket Website configuration
headobject Deprecated
head_object Get object metadata
object_exists Get object metadata
object_size Get object metadata
putbucket Deprecated
putobject Deprecated
put_acceleration Bucket Acceleration
put_acl Get or put bucket/object ACLs
put_bucket Create bucket
put_bucket_policy Bucket policies
put_cors CORS
put_encryption Bucket encryption
put_folder Put object
put_lifecycle Lifecycle
put_notification Notifications
put_object Put object
put_replication Bucket replication
put_requestpayment requestPayment
put_tagging Bucket tagging
put_versioning Bucket versions
put_website Bucket Website configuration
s3connection Get object
s3HTTP S3 HTTP Requests
s3load save/load
s3readRDS saveRDS/readRDS
s3read_using Custom read and write
s3save save/load
s3saveRDS saveRDS/readRDS
s3save_image save/load
s3source Source from S3
s3sync S3 file sync
s3write_using Custom read and write
saveobject Deprecated
save_object Get object
select_object Get object