Regularization for Semiparametric Additive Hazards Regression

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Documentation for package ‘ahaz’ version 1.15

Help Pages

ahaz Fit semiparametric additive hazards model
ahaz.adjust Adjusted univariate association measures from ahaz
ahaz.partial Partial calculation of estimating quantities used by ahaz
ahaz.tune.control Tuning controls for regularization
ahazisis Independent screening for the semiparametric additive hazards model
ahazpen Fit penalized semiparametric additive hazards model Controls for ahazpen fitting algorithm
ahazpen.pen.control Penalty controls for ahazpen
bic.control Tuning controls for regularization
coef.ahaz Prediction methods for ahaz
coef.ahazpen Prediction methods for ahazpen
coef.tune.ahazpen Prediction methods for tune.ahazpen
cv.control Tuning controls for regularization
lasso.control Penalty controls for ahazpen
plot.ahaz Plot an ahaz object
plot.ahazpen Plot an ahazpen object
plot.cumahaz Plot a cumahaz object
plot.tune.ahazpen Plot a tune.ahazpen object
predict.ahaz Prediction methods for ahaz
predict.ahazpen Prediction methods for ahazpen
predict.tune.ahazpen Prediction methods for tune.ahazpen
print.ahazisis Print an ahazisis object
print.ahazpen Print an ahazpen object
print.summary.ahaz Print a summary.ahaz object
print.tune.ahazpen Print a tune.ahazpen object
residuals.ahaz Prediction methods for ahaz
sorlie Sorlie gene expressions
sscad.control Penalty controls for ahazpen
summary.ahaz Summarize an ahaz object
summary.ahazpen Print an ahazpen object
tune.ahazpen Choice of penalty parameter in ahazpen
vcov.ahaz Prediction methods for ahaz