Dual Scaling Analysis of Data

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Documentation for package ‘dualScale’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

bad_coded Nishisato and Clavel, artificial set of data
christmas Christmas party plans
curricula Curricula and Social classes
ds_cf Contingency and frequency data analysis
ds_mc Multiple choice data analysis
ds_mcf Forced multiple choice data analysis
ds_mc_check Function to identify incorrect Multiple Choice input data
ds_pc Paired comparison data analysis
ds_ro Rank order data analysis
goverment Goverment services and facilities
plot.dualScale Plot of Dual Scale analysis
plot_data Obtain the data used in the graphs
preferences Preferences, artificial set of data
print.dualScale Print of Dual Scale analysis
singaporean Singaporean children as viewed by adults
summary.dualScale Summary of Dual Scale analysis