Experimental Statistics and Graphics for Agricultural Sciences

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Documentation for package ‘AgroR’ version 1.2.5

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aacp Utils: Area under the curve
aristolochia Dataset: Germination of seeds of _Aristolochia_ sp. as a function of temperature.
barplot_positive Graph: Positive barplot
bar_graph Graph: Bar graph for one factor
bean Dataset: Bean
cloro Dataset: Sodium dichloroisocyanurate in soybean
conjdbc Analysis: Joint analysis of experiments in randomized block design
conjdic Analysis: Joint analysis of experiments in completely randomized design
corgraph Graph: Correlogram
corn Dataset: Corn
cor_ic Graph: Plot Pearson correlation with interval of confidence
covercrops Dataset: Covercrops
DBC Analysis: Randomized block design
DBC.glm Analysis: Randomized block design by glm
DBCT Analysis: Randomized block design evaluated over time
desc Descriptive: Descriptive analysis
desc2fat Descriptive: Descriptive analysis (Two factors)
desc3fat Descriptive: Descriptive analysis (Three factors)
DIC Analysis: Completely randomized design
DIC.glm Analysis: Completely randomized design by glm
DICT Analysis: Completely randomized design evaluated over time
dispvar Descriptive: Boxplot with standardized data
DQL Analysis: Latin square design
DQLT Analysis: Latin square design evaluated over time
dunn Analysis: Post-hoc Dunn
dunnett Analysis: Dunnett test
emerg Dataset: Emergence of passion fruit seeds over time .
enxofre Dataset: Sulfur data
FAT2DBC Analysis: DBC experiments in double factorial
FAT2DBC.ad Analysis: DBC experiment in double factorial design with an additional treatment
FAT2DIC Analysis: DIC experiments in double factorial
FAT2DIC.ad Analysis: DIC experiment in double factorial design with an additional treatment
FAT3DBC Analysis: DBC experiments in triple factorial
FAT3DIC Analysis: DIC experiments in triple factorial
laranja Dataset: Orange plants under different rootstocks
line_plot Graph: Line chart
logistic Analysis: Logistic regression
mirtilo Dataset: Cutting blueberry data
orchard Dataset: Orchard
passiflora Dataset: Substrate data in the production of passion fruit seedlings
PCA_function Analysis: Principal components analysis
pepper Dataset: Pepper
phao Dataset: Osmocote in _Phalaenopsis_ sp.
plot_cor Graph: Plot correlation
plot_interaction Graph: Interaction plot
plot_jitter Graph: Column, box or segment chart with observations
plot_TH Graph: Climate chart of temperature and humidity
plot_TH1 Graph: Climate chart of temperature and humidity (Model 2)
polynomial Analysis: Linear regression graph
polynomial2 Analysis: Linear regression graph in double factorial
polynomial2_color Analysis: Linear regression graph in double factorial with color graph
pomegranate Dataset: Pomegranate data
porco Dataset: Pig development and production
PSUBDBC Analysis: DBC experiments in split-plot
PSUBDIC Analysis: DIC experiments in split-plot
PSUBFAT2DBC Analysis: Plot subdivided into randomized blocks with a subplot in a double factorial scheme
PSUBSUBDBC Analysis: DBC experiments in split-split-plot
radargraph Graph: Circular column chart
seg_graph Graph: Segment graph for one factor
sensorial Dataset: Sensorial data
simulate1 Dataset: Simulated data dict
simulate2 Dataset: Simulated data dbct
simulate3 Dataset: Simulated data dqlt
sketch Utils: Experimental sketch
sk_graph Graph: Scott-Knott graphics
soybean Dataset: Soybean
spider_graph Graph: Spider graph for sensorial analysis
summarise_anova Utils: Summary of Analysis of Variance and Test of Means
tabledesc Descriptive: Table descritive analysis
TBARPLOT.reverse Graph: Reverse graph of DICT, DBCT and DQL output when geom="bar"
test_two Analysis: Test for two samples
tomate Dataset: Tomato data
transf Utils: Data transformation (Box-Cox, 1964)
weather Dataset: Weather data