Blood Pressure Analysis in R

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Documentation for package ‘bp’ version 2.0.0

Help Pages

arv Average Real Variability (ARV)
bp_arv Average Real Variability (ARV)
bp_center Measures of Center (bp_center)
bp_children B-Proact1v Children Data
bp_cv Coefficient of Variation (CV)
bp_ghana Task Shifting and Blood Pressure Control in Ghana Data
bp_hist Blood Pressure Histograms
bp_hypnos HYPNOS Study - 5 Subject Sample
bp_jhs Blood Pressure - 1 Subject - John Schwenck
bp_mag Blood Pressure Magnitude (Peak and Trough)
bp_preg Pregnancy Day Assessment Clinic Data
bp_range Blood Pressure Range
bp_rats Blood Pressure in Salt-Sensitive Dahl Rats Data
bp_report Blood Pressure Report
bp_scatter Blood Pressure Stage Scatter Plot
bp_sleep_metrics Blood Pressure Sleep Metrics
bp_stages Alternative Blood Pressure Stages
bp_stats Aggregated BP Summary Statistics
bp_sv Successive Variation (SV)
bp_tables Blood Pressure Tables
bp_ts_plots Blood Pressure Time Series Plots
create_grps Create Groups for Dplyr
cv Coefficient of Variation (CV)
dip_calc Nocturnal Blood Pressure Dipping Calculation
dip_class_plot Plot of Dipping Classifications
dow_tod_plots Blood Pressure Tables in Graphical Format
path_check Compatibility Check for 'path' Argument
process_data Data Pre-Processor
sleep_int Sleep Interval Manual Override
stage_check Compatibility Checks for User-Supplied SBP/DBP Stages Vector
subject_subset_check Compatibility Check for User-Supplied Subject Subset Vector
sv Successive Variation (SV)