Construction and Evaluation of Metamodels

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Documentation for package ‘DiceEval’ version 1.6.1

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DiceEval-package Metamodels
crossValidation K-fold Cross Validation
dataIRSN5D 5D benchmark from nuclear criticality safety assessments
DiceEval Metamodels
MAE Mean Absolute Error
modelComparison Comparison of different types of metamodels
modelFit Fitting metamodels
modelPredict Prediction at newdata for a fitted metamodel
penaltyPolyMARS Choice of the penalty parameter for a PolyMARS model
R2 Multiple R-Squared
residualsStudy Plot residuals
RMA Relative Maximal Absolute Error
RMSE Root Mean Squared Error
stepEvolution Evolution of the stepwise model
testCrossValidation Test the robustess of the cross-validation procedure
testIRSN5D A set of test data