Evolutionary Computation in R

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Documentation for package ‘ecr’ version 2.1.0

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%dominates% Dominance relation check.
%isDominatedBy% Dominance relation check.
approximateIdealPoint Reference point approximations.
approximateNadirPoint Reference point approximations.
asemoa Implementation of the NSGA-II EMOA algorithm by Deb.
computeAverageHausdorffDistance Average Hausdorff Distance computation.
computeCrowdingDistance Compute the crowding distance of a set of points.
computeDistanceFromPointToSetOfPoints Computes distance between a single point and set of points.
computeGenerationalDistance Computes Generational Distance.
computeHV Functions for the calculation of the dominated hypervolume (contribution).
computeHVContr Functions for the calculation of the dominated hypervolume (contribution).
computeInvertedGenerationalDistance Computes Inverted Generational Distance.
dominated Check for pareto dominance.
dominates Dominance relation check.
doNondominatedSorting Fast non-dominated sorting algorithm.
ecr Interface to ecr similar to the optim function.
ecr_parallelization Parallelization in ecr
ecr_result Result object.
emoaIndEps Computation of the unary epsilon-indicator.
emoaIndHV Computation of the unary epsilon-indicator.
emoaIndR1 Computation of the unary epsilon-indicator.
emoaIndR2 Computation of the unary epsilon-indicator.
emoaIndR3 Computation of the unary epsilon-indicator.
evaluateFitness Computes the fitness value(s) for each individual of a given set.
gen Population generators
genBin Population generators
generateOffspring Helper functions for offspring generation
generators Population generators
genPerm Population generators
genReal Population generators
getFront Extract fitness values from Pareto archive.
getIndividuals Extract individuals from Pareto archive.
getPopulations Access to logged populations.
getSize Get size of Pareto-archive.
getStatistics Access the logged statistics.
getSupportedRepresentations Get supported representations.
initECRControl Control object generator.
initLogger Initialize a log object.
initParetoArchive Initialize Pareto Archive.
initPopulation Helper function to build initial population.
is.supported Check if ecr operator supports given representation.
isDominated Dominance relation check.
isEcrOperator Check if given function is an ecr operator.
isMaximallyDominated Determine which points of a set are (non)dominated.
makeECRMonitor Factory method for monitor objects.
makeMutator Construct a mutation operator.
makeOperator Construct evolutionary operator.
makeOptimizationTask Creates an optimization task.
makeRecombinator Construct a recombination operator.
makeSelector Construct a selection operator.
makeTerminator Generate stopping condition.
mutate Helper functions for offspring generation
mutBitflip Bitplip mutator.
mutGauss Gaussian mutator.
mutInsertion Insertion mutator.
mutInversion Inversion mutator.
mutPolynomial Polynomial mutation.
mutScramble Scramble mutator.
mutSwap Swap mutator.
mutUniform Uniform mutator.
nondominated Check for pareto dominance.
normalizeFront Normalize points of a set.
nsga2 Implementation of the NSGA-II EMOA algorithm by Deb.
plotFront Plot Pareto-front.
plotStatistics Generate line plot of logged statistics.
recCrossover One-point crossover recombinator.
recIntermediate Indermediate recombinator.
recombinate Helper functions for offspring generation
recOX Ordered-Crossover (OX) recombinator.
recPMX Partially-Mapped-Crossover (PMX) recombinator.
recSBX Simulated Binary Crossover (SBX) recombinator.
recUnifCrossover Uniform crossover recombinator.
registerECROperator Register operators to control object.
replace (mu + lambda) selection
replaceMuCommaLambda (mu + lambda) selection
replaceMuPlusLambda (mu + lambda) selection
selDomHV Dominated Hypervolume selector.
select Select individuals.
selectForMating Select individuals.
selectForSurvival Select individuals.
selGreedy Simple selector.
selNondom Non-dominated sorting selector.
selRoulette Roulette-wheel / fitness-proportional selector.
selSimple Simple (naive) selector.
selTournament k-Tournament selector.
setup Set up parameters for evolutionary operator.
setupECRDefaultMonitor Default monitor.
smsemoa Implementation of the SMS-EMOA by Emmerich et al.
stopOnEvals Stopping conditions
stopOnIters Stopping conditions
stopOnOptY Stopping conditions
stoppingConditions Stopping conditions
toGG Transform to long format.
updateLogger Update the log.
updateParetoArchive Update Pareto Archive.
which.dominated Determine which points of a set are (non)dominated.
which.nondominated Determine which points of a set are (non)dominated.
wrapChildren Wrap the individuals constructed by a recombination operator.