Bayesian Meta Analysis for Studying Cross-Phenotype Genetic Associations

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Documentation for package ‘CPBayes’ version 1.1.0

Help Pages

analytic_locFDR_BF_cor Analytic calculation of the local FDR & Bayes factor for correlated summary statistics.
analytic_locFDR_BF_uncor Analytic calculation of the local FDR & Bayes factor for uncorrelated summary statistics.
CPBayes CPBayes: An R-package implemeting a Bayesian meta analysis method for studying cross-phenotype genetic associations.
cpbayes_cor Run correlated version of CPBayes.
cpbayes_uncor Run uncorrelated version of CPBayes.
estimate_corln Estimate correlation structure of beta-hat vector for multiple overlapping case-control studies using sample-overlap matrices.
ExampleDataCor An example data for correlated summary statistics.
ExampleDataUncor An example data for uncorrelated summary statistics.
forest_cpbayes Forest plot presenting pleiotropy result obtained by CPBayes.
post_summaries Post summary of the MCMC data generated by the uncorrelated or correlated version of CPBayes.
SampleOverlapMatrix An example data of sample-overlap matrices.