Create Simple Predictive Models on Bayesian Belief Networks

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Documentation for package ‘bbnet’ version 1.0.1

Help Pages Create Network Diagram from Bayesian Belief Network Data
bbn.predict Bayesian Belief Network Prediction
bbn.sensitivity Sensitivity Analysis for Bayesian Belief Network Models
bbn.timeseries Time Series Prediction with Bayesian Belief Network
bbn.visualise Visualise Bayesian Belief Network Time Series Predictions
combined Combined Treatment Data
dogwhelk Dogwhelk Removal Data
isEmpty Check if an Object is Empty
MPANetwork Simple model of MPA, ecological components and management
multiplot Multiplot function
my_BBN Rocky Shore simple food web data
my_network Rocky Shore complex food web data
NoPotting Dataset represents banning potting (for crabs / lobsters etc) in a Marine Protected Area Data presents insights into how management measures may affect ecological communities in MPAs
NoTake Dataset represents banning all fishing in a Marine Protected Area
winkle Winkle Addition Data