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Documentation for package ‘arrow’ version 4.0.1

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-- A --

Array Arrow Arrays
array Arrow Arrays
ArrayData ArrayData class
arrow_available Is the C++ Arrow library available?
arrow_info Report information on the package's capabilities
arrow_with_dataset Is the C++ Arrow library available?
arrow_with_parquet Is the C++ Arrow library available?
arrow_with_s3 Is the C++ Arrow library available?

-- B --

binary Apache Arrow data types
bool Apache Arrow data types
boolean Apache Arrow data types
Buffer Buffer class
buffer Buffer class
BufferOutputStream OutputStream classes
BufferReader InputStream classes

-- C --

call_function Call an Arrow compute function
ChunkedArray ChunkedArray class
chunked_array ChunkedArray class
Codec Compression Codec class
codec_is_available Check whether a compression codec is available
CompressedInputStream Compressed stream classes
CompressedOutputStream Compressed stream classes
compression Compressed stream classes
copy_files Copy files between FileSystems
cpu_count Manage the global CPU thread pool in libarrow
CsvConvertOptions File reader options
CsvFileFormat Dataset file formats
CsvFragmentScanOptions Format-specific scan options
CsvParseOptions File reader options
CsvReadOptions File reader options
CsvTableReader Arrow CSV and JSON table reader classes

-- D --

data-type Apache Arrow data types
Dataset Multi-file datasets
DatasetFactory Multi-file datasets
dataset_factory Create a DatasetFactory
DataType class arrow::DataType
date32 Apache Arrow data types
date64 Apache Arrow data types
decimal Apache Arrow data types
dictionary Create a dictionary type
DictionaryArray Arrow Arrays
DictionaryType class DictionaryType
DirectoryPartitioning Define Partitioning for a Dataset
DirectoryPartitioningFactory Define Partitioning for a Dataset

-- E --

Expression Arrow expressions

-- F --

FeatherReader FeatherReader class
Field Field class
field Field class
FileFormat Dataset file formats
FileInfo FileSystem entry info
FileOutputStream OutputStream classes
FileSelector file selector
FileSystem FileSystem classes
FileSystemDataset Multi-file datasets
FileSystemDatasetFactory Multi-file datasets
FileWriteOptions Format-specific write options
FixedSizeListArray Arrow Arrays
FixedSizeListType Apache Arrow data types
FixedWidthType class arrow::FixedWidthType
fixed_size_binary Apache Arrow data types
fixed_size_list_of Apache Arrow data types
flight_connect Connect to a Flight server
flight_get Get data from a Flight server
flight_path_exists See available resources on a Flight server
flight_put Send data to a Flight server
float Apache Arrow data types
float16 Apache Arrow data types
float32 Apache Arrow data types
float64 Apache Arrow data types
FragmentScanOptions Format-specific scan options

-- H --

halffloat Apache Arrow data types
HivePartitioning Define Partitioning for a Dataset
HivePartitioningFactory Define Partitioning for a Dataset
hive_partition Construct Hive partitioning

-- I --

InMemoryDataset Multi-file datasets
InputStream InputStream classes
install_arrow Install or upgrade the Arrow library
install_pyarrow Install pyarrow for use with reticulate
int16 Apache Arrow data types
int32 Apache Arrow data types
int64 Apache Arrow data types
int8 Apache Arrow data types
IpcFileFormat Dataset file formats
is_in 'match' and '%in%' for Arrow objects

-- J --

JsonParseOptions File reader options
JsonReadOptions File reader options
JsonTableReader Arrow CSV and JSON table reader classes

-- L --

LargeListArray Arrow Arrays
large_binary Apache Arrow data types
large_list_of Apache Arrow data types
large_utf8 Apache Arrow data types
ListArray Arrow Arrays
list_compute_functions List available Arrow C++ compute functions
list_flights See available resources on a Flight server
list_of Apache Arrow data types
load_flight_server Load a Python Flight server
LocalFileSystem FileSystem classes

-- M --

map_batches Apply a function to a stream of RecordBatches
match_arrow 'match' and '%in%' for Arrow objects
MemoryMappedFile InputStream classes
Message class arrow::Message
MessageReader class arrow::MessageReader
mmap_create Create a new read/write memory mapped file of a given size
mmap_open Open a memory mapped file

-- N --

null Apache Arrow data types

-- O --

open_dataset Open a multi-file dataset
OutputStream OutputStream classes

-- P --

ParquetArrowReaderProperties ParquetArrowReaderProperties class
ParquetFileFormat Dataset file formats
ParquetFileReader ParquetFileReader class
ParquetFileWriter ParquetFileWriter class
ParquetFragmentScanOptions Format-specific scan options
ParquetWriterProperties ParquetWriterProperties class
Partitioning Define Partitioning for a Dataset

-- R --

RandomAccessFile InputStream classes
ReadableFile InputStream classes
read_arrow Read Arrow IPC stream format
read_csv_arrow Read a CSV or other delimited file with Arrow
read_delim_arrow Read a CSV or other delimited file with Arrow
read_feather Read a Feather file
read_ipc_stream Read Arrow IPC stream format
read_json_arrow Read a JSON file
read_message Read a Message from a stream
read_parquet Read a Parquet file
read_schema read a Schema from a stream
read_tsv_arrow Read a CSV or other delimited file with Arrow
RecordBatch RecordBatch class
RecordBatchFileReader RecordBatchReader classes
RecordBatchFileWriter RecordBatchWriter classes
RecordBatchReader RecordBatchReader classes
RecordBatchStreamReader RecordBatchReader classes
RecordBatchStreamWriter RecordBatchWriter classes
RecordBatchWriter RecordBatchWriter classes
record_batch RecordBatch class

-- S --

S3FileSystem FileSystem classes
s3_bucket Connect to an AWS S3 bucket
Scalar Arrow scalars
Scanner Scan the contents of a dataset
ScannerBuilder Scan the contents of a dataset
Schema Schema class
schema Schema class
set_cpu_count Manage the global CPU thread pool in libarrow
string Apache Arrow data types
struct Apache Arrow data types
StructArray Arrow Arrays
StructScalar Arrow Arrays
SubTreeFileSystem FileSystem classes

-- T --

Table Table class
time32 Apache Arrow data types
time64 Apache Arrow data types
timestamp Apache Arrow data types
TimestampParser File reader options
type infer the arrow Array type from an R vector

-- U --

uint16 Apache Arrow data types
uint32 Apache Arrow data types
uint64 Apache Arrow data types
uint8 Apache Arrow data types
unify_schemas Combine and harmonize schemas
UnionDataset Multi-file datasets
utf8 Apache Arrow data types

-- V --

value_counts 'table' for Arrow objects

-- W --

write_arrow Write Arrow IPC stream format
write_dataset Write a dataset
write_feather Write data in the Feather format
write_ipc_stream Write Arrow IPC stream format
write_parquet Write Parquet file to disk
write_to_raw Write Arrow data to a raw vector