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-- A --

Array Arrow Arrays
array Arrow Arrays
ArrayData ArrayData class
arrow_available Is the C++ Arrow library available?
arrow_info Report information on the package's capabilities
arrow_with_dataset Is the C++ Arrow library available?
arrow_with_parquet Is the C++ Arrow library available?
arrow_with_s3 Is the C++ Arrow library available?

-- B --

binary Apache Arrow data types
bool Apache Arrow data types
boolean Apache Arrow data types
Buffer Buffer class
buffer Buffer class
BufferOutputStream OutputStream classes
BufferReader InputStream classes

-- C --

call_function Call an Arrow compute function
ChunkedArray ChunkedArray class
chunked_array ChunkedArray class
Codec Compression Codec class
codec_is_available Check whether a compression codec is available
CompressedInputStream Compressed stream classes
CompressedOutputStream Compressed stream classes
compression Compressed stream classes
copy_files Copy files between FileSystems
cpu_count Manage the global CPU thread pool in libarrow
CsvConvertOptions File reader options
CsvFileFormat Dataset file formats
CsvFragmentScanOptions Format-specific scan options
CsvParseOptions File reader options
CsvReadOptions File reader options
CsvTableReader Arrow CSV and JSON table reader classes
CsvWriteOptions File reader options

-- D --

data-type Apache Arrow data types
Dataset Multi-file datasets
DatasetFactory Multi-file datasets
dataset_factory Create a DatasetFactory
DataType class arrow::DataType
date32 Apache Arrow data types
date64 Apache Arrow data types
decimal Apache Arrow data types
dictionary Create a dictionary type
DictionaryArray Arrow Arrays
DictionaryType class DictionaryType
DirectoryPartitioning Define Partitioning for a Dataset
DirectoryPartitioningFactory Define Partitioning for a Dataset

-- E --

Expression Arrow expressions

-- F --

FeatherReader FeatherReader class
Field Field class
field Field class
FileFormat Dataset file formats
FileInfo FileSystem entry info
FileOutputStream OutputStream classes
FileSelector file selector
FileSystem FileSystem classes
FileSystemDataset Multi-file datasets
FileSystemDatasetFactory Multi-file datasets
FileWriteOptions Format-specific write options
FixedSizeListArray Arrow Arrays
FixedSizeListType Apache Arrow data types
FixedWidthType class arrow::FixedWidthType
fixed_size_binary Apache Arrow data types
fixed_size_list_of Apache Arrow data types
flight_connect Connect to a Flight server
flight_get Get data from a Flight server
flight_path_exists See available resources on a Flight server
flight_put Send data to a Flight server
float Apache Arrow data types
float16 Apache Arrow data types
float32 Apache Arrow data types
float64 Apache Arrow data types
FragmentScanOptions Format-specific scan options

-- H --

halffloat Apache Arrow data types
HivePartitioning Define Partitioning for a Dataset
HivePartitioningFactory Define Partitioning for a Dataset
hive_partition Construct Hive partitioning

-- I --

InMemoryDataset Multi-file datasets
InputStream InputStream classes
install_arrow Install or upgrade the Arrow library
install_pyarrow Install pyarrow for use with reticulate
int16 Apache Arrow data types
int32 Apache Arrow data types
int64 Apache Arrow data types
int8 Apache Arrow data types
io_thread_count Manage the global I/O thread pool in libarrow
IpcFileFormat Dataset file formats
is_in 'match' and '%in%' for Arrow objects

-- J --

JsonParseOptions File reader options
JsonReadOptions File reader options
JsonTableReader Arrow CSV and JSON table reader classes

-- L --

LargeListArray Arrow Arrays
large_binary Apache Arrow data types
large_list_of Apache Arrow data types
large_utf8 Apache Arrow data types
ListArray Arrow Arrays
list_compute_functions List available Arrow C++ compute functions
list_flights See available resources on a Flight server
list_of Apache Arrow data types
load_flight_server Load a Python Flight server
LocalFileSystem FileSystem classes

-- M --

map_batches Apply a function to a stream of RecordBatches
match_arrow 'match' and '%in%' for Arrow objects
MemoryMappedFile InputStream classes
Message class arrow::Message
MessageReader class arrow::MessageReader
mmap_create Create a new read/write memory mapped file of a given size
mmap_open Open a memory mapped file

-- N --

null Apache Arrow data types

-- O --

open_dataset Open a multi-file dataset
OutputStream OutputStream classes

-- P --

ParquetArrowReaderProperties ParquetArrowReaderProperties class
ParquetFileFormat Dataset file formats
ParquetFileReader ParquetFileReader class
ParquetFileWriter ParquetFileWriter class
ParquetFragmentScanOptions Format-specific scan options
ParquetWriterProperties ParquetWriterProperties class
Partitioning Define Partitioning for a Dataset

-- R --

RandomAccessFile InputStream classes
ReadableFile InputStream classes
read_arrow Read Arrow IPC stream format
read_csv_arrow Read a CSV or other delimited file with Arrow
read_delim_arrow Read a CSV or other delimited file with Arrow
read_feather Read a Feather file
read_ipc_stream Read Arrow IPC stream format
read_json_arrow Read a JSON file
read_message Read a Message from a stream
read_parquet Read a Parquet file
read_schema read a Schema from a stream
read_tsv_arrow Read a CSV or other delimited file with Arrow
RecordBatch RecordBatch class
RecordBatchFileReader RecordBatchReader classes
RecordBatchFileWriter RecordBatchWriter classes
RecordBatchReader RecordBatchReader classes
RecordBatchStreamReader RecordBatchReader classes
RecordBatchStreamWriter RecordBatchWriter classes
RecordBatchWriter RecordBatchWriter classes
record_batch RecordBatch class

-- S --

S3FileSystem FileSystem classes
s3_bucket Connect to an AWS S3 bucket
Scalar Arrow scalars
Scanner Scan the contents of a dataset
ScannerBuilder Scan the contents of a dataset
Schema Schema class
schema Schema class
set_cpu_count Manage the global CPU thread pool in libarrow
set_io_thread_count Manage the global I/O thread pool in libarrow
string Apache Arrow data types
struct Apache Arrow data types
StructArray Arrow Arrays
StructScalar Arrow Arrays
SubTreeFileSystem FileSystem classes

-- T --

Table Table class
time32 Apache Arrow data types
time64 Apache Arrow data types
timestamp Apache Arrow data types
TimestampParser File reader options
type infer the arrow Array type from an R vector

-- U --

uint16 Apache Arrow data types
uint32 Apache Arrow data types
uint64 Apache Arrow data types
uint8 Apache Arrow data types
unify_schemas Combine and harmonize schemas
UnionDataset Multi-file datasets
utf8 Apache Arrow data types

-- V --

value_counts 'table' for Arrow objects

-- W --

write_arrow Write Arrow IPC stream format
write_csv_arrow Write CSV file to disk
write_dataset Write a dataset
write_feather Write data in the Feather format
write_ipc_stream Write Arrow IPC stream format
write_parquet Write Parquet file to disk
write_to_raw Write Arrow data to a raw vector