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Documentation for package ‘caracas’ version 1.1.1

Help Pages

%*% Matrix multiplication
%*%.caracas_symbol Matrix multiplication
%>% Pipe
as.character.caracas_symbol Convert symbol to character
ask Ask for a symbol's property
as_character_matrix Get matrix as character matrix
as_diag Construct diagonal matrix from vector
as_expr Convert caracas object to R
as_sym Convert object to symbol
columnspace Do linear algebra operation
def_sym Define caracas symbols in global environment
der Symbolic differentiation of an expression
der2 Symbolic differentiation of second order of an expression
det Do linear algebra operation
diag Matrix diagonal
diag-set Replace matrix diagonal
diag.caracas_symbol Matrix diagonal
diag<- Replace matrix diagonal
diag<-.caracas_symbol Replace diagonal
diag_ Symbolic diagonal matrix
dim.caracas_symbol Dimensions of a caracas symbol
doit Perform calculations setup previously
do_la Do linear algebra operation
drop_remainder Remove remainder term
eigenval Do linear algebra operation
eigenvec Do linear algebra operation
eval_to_symbol Create a symbol from a string
expand Expand expression
expand_log Expand a logarithmic expression
expand_trig Expand a trigonometric expression
fraction_parts Get numerator and denominator of a fraction
get_py Access 'py' object
get_sympy Access 'SymPy' directly
GramSchmidt Do linear algebra operation
has_sympy Check if 'SymPy' is available
install_sympy Install 'SymPy'
int Integrate a function
inv Do linear algebra operation
lim Limit of a function
linalg Do linear algebra operation
listify Convert object to list of elements
Math.caracas_symbol Math functions
matrify Creates matrix from array symbol
matrix-products Matrix multiplication
matrix_ Symbolic matrix
N Numerical evaluation
nullspace Do linear algebra operation
Ops.caracas_symbol Math operators
pinv Do linear algebra operation
print.caracas_solve_sys_sol Print solution
print.caracas_symbol Print symbol
prod_ Product of a function
QRdecomposition Do linear algebra operation
reciprocal_matrix Elementwise reciprocal matrix
rowspace Do linear algebra operation
rref Do linear algebra operation
simplify Simplify expression
singular_values Do linear algebra operation
solve_lin Solve a linear system of equations
solve_sys Solves a system of non-linear equations
subs Substitute symbol for value
subs_lst Substitute symbol for of value given by a list
subs_vec Substitute af vector of symbols for a vector of values
sum.caracas_symbol Summation
sum_ Sum of a function
symbol Create a symbol
sympy_func Call a SymPy function directly on x
sympy_version Get 'SymPy' version
t.caracas_symbol Transpose of matrix
taylor Taylor expansion
tex Export object to TeX
tuplify Convert object to tuple
unbracket Remove inner-most dimension
vec Stacks matrix to vector
[.caracas_symbol Extract or replace parts of an object
[<-.caracas_symbol Extract or replace parts of an object